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Frequenty Asked Questions

Does Purdue tuition include medical insurance??

No, tuition payments do not include payment for a health insurance plan. There is a voluntary Student Insurance plan available from Purdue for purchase by eligible students. Tuition fees only cover office visit charges for full time students in the Medical Clinic at the Student Health Center. Other service charges (ie. labs, radiology, preventive care, etc) may be billed to insurance or patient.

How much will my visit cost?

All full-time students who have paid student fees will not be charged for a visit to the Medical Clinic during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, from the first day of class for the semester to graduation.

Will PUSH accept my medical insurance?

PUSH will gladly file charges to any insurance company located in the United States (except for Medicaid). However, most claims except for the Student Insurance plan, will be processed as out-of-network. Your insurance may, or may not pay, as it is dependent on your particular plan’s benefit schedule for out-of-network claims. It is always best to check with your insurance company before having services performed at PUSH.

Do I have to file charges to my insurance?

You always have the option to choose not to file charges to an insurance plan. If you prefer to forgo billing to insurance, we will bill you directly through your MyPurdue account or you may pay at PUSH on the date of service. On every visit to PUSH, you will be asked if you want charges filed to insurance or billed directly to you. Please note: If you are over 18 years of age, a parent does not have the authority to request that charges be filed to insurance on your behalf. Due to federal HIPAA laws, you must personally communicate your preferences to the business office.

What are specific costs for tests/procedures/immunizations?

Tuition fees cover office visit charges for full-time students from the first day of class to graduation in the semester for which the fees were paid.

I thought healthcare at Purdue was free. Why am I being charged?

Although tuition fees cover office visit charges for full time students at the Student Health Center, there are charges for:

  • Laboratory services
  • X-rays
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medications and supplies
  • Immunizations
  • Special procedures
  • Allergy shots
  • Urgent Care
  • Preventative healthcare such as physical exams and women’s annual exams

Part-time students and spouses of current students incur charges for office visits in the Medical Clinic.

If charges are filed to my insurance company, do I have any further obligation?

Yes. Even though the claim was filed, there is no guarantee your plan will cover all of the services we offer. Please keep in mind insurance companies vary greatly in terms of the services covered for which they reimburse. We encourage patients to follow up with their insurance company to see their claim receives proper consideration.

If my insurance company pays only a portion of my bill, am I responsible for the difference?

Yes. Each insurance company and policy is different and they may reimburse at varying levels. We go to great lengths to offer quality healthcare services at reasonable rates. Deductibles and co-insurance may also apply to this situation when an insurance company pays a portion or none of the bill. The patient is responsible for any amount not paid by insurance.

Are PUSH providers in my network?

No. PUSH is out of network for all insurance companies except for UnitedHealthCare Student Resources Insurance, the University sponsored student health plan.

Does PUSH accept Medicare, Medicaid or military insurance (Tricare)?

We are not a certified provider for Medicare or Medicaid. A list of certified providers in the area can be obtained through the customer service number listed on the insurance card. Full-time students are eligible for the pre-paid office visit included with tuition payments. However, please be aware that these programs will not pay for chargeable services (i.e. x-rays or laboratory tests) completed at PUSH and it is best to seek all other services from certified providers.

We bill to TRICARE as a courtesy to the student, similar to any other insurance plan. PUSH is considered an Authorized Provider, Non-Network Provider and Non-Participating Provider. PUSH follows the federal guidelines which permit us to bill up to 115% of the amount allowed by Tricare.

My insurance states they never received my claim.

If a patient requested that insurance be filed, an electronic claim is submitted promptly. If there is a problem with a claim, our clearinghouse notifies us and we in turn contact the student, usually by email. We resubmit the claim for processing after the corrected information is provided to us by the patient. If necessary, a paper claim will be sent through the traditional mail system. Often, insurance companies have their own issues in getting claims into their system. When necessary, we will be happy to resubmit a claim when requested. Obtaining a fax number is often helpful as we can be assured the claim is directed to an appropriate person. Insurance companies frequently archive their claims once processing is complete and it is often helpful to ask the insurance representative to search their archive for an older claim. Many times, a representative may state that a claim was never filed, when in reality, the claim is closed and archived since the processing is complete.

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