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When Purdue rolled out Steps to Leaps in 2018 the overarching premise was that every student can “excel on his or her own path to achieve personal goals”.  As you may expect, the staff at the Student Health Center gravitated to the Wellness pillar. When asked how PUSH would contribute to Steps to Leaps, the staff liked the idea of showcasing wellness concepts that ranged from understanding health insurance to taking your temperature and what it means to have a fever. Then, COVID-19 became a pandemic and changed the way we all think about health. 

Each month, on this site and on the electronic sign boards at PUSH, we add a wellness related page for you to read and consider. Some of these will be general and some will be very specific to the current pandemic event we are experiencing. Please, come back every month and learn a bit more about how to manage your personal wellness, for now and for your future.

Wellness Pillar - December 2022 - HIV & AIDS

Wellness Pillar - November 2022 - Vaping

Wellness Pillar - October 2022 - Breast Cancer Awareness

Wellness Pillar - September 2022 - Monkey Pox

Wellness Pillar - August 2022 - Bicycle, Skateboard and Scooter Safety

Wellness Pillar - July 2022 - Water Safety

Wellness Pillar - June 2022 - Preparing for College Life

Wellness Pillar - May 2022 - Graduation-From College Life to the Real World

Wellness Pillar - April 2022 - Grit and Resilience During Finals

Wellness Pillar - March 2022 - Staying Safe on Spring Break

Wellness Pillar - February 2022 - Winter Survival Tips

Wellness Pillar - January 2022 - Omicron Variant: How to Stay Safe