William K. Adair, MD, FACP


  • Indiana University Southeast: B.A. Chemistry (1979)
  • University of Louisville: Graduate Studies (1980)
  • Indiana University School of Medicine (1984)

 Internship & Residency:

  • Internal Medicine Internship: Ball Hospital: Muncie, IN (1985)
  • Internal Medicine Residency: Ball Hospital: Muncie, IN (1987)

 Professional Interests & Specializations:

I became board certified in internal medicine in 1980. I have become recertified at regular intervals since then. My most recent recertification was in 2015.

 Length of time at PUSH:

I came to PUSH in 2014. Prior to coming to Purdue I was in private practice in Indianapolis. I have founded two practices, most recently with my wife who is also a physician.

 Why do you like working at PUSH?

It is a thrill daily to work at such a large university and participate in activities that weren’t available at my college when I was in school. Also, my daughter is a student here.

What is your philosophy of care?

I enjoy discussing the symptoms with the patient during the visit and getting feedback. Their thoughts on the illness help guide our evaluation.

What do you like to do when you’re not at PUSH? 

I live at home in Indianapolis. Until recently, I focused on caring for Sparky, our Basset Hound, but he recently passed away at age 15. I enjoy table tennis and have previously trained in taekwondo for 9 years. I enjoy Disney World and Disney Cruise Lines. I also enjoy meeting my daughter for meals at the food courts on campus.