Customer satisfaction surveys help us collect critical patient feedback and also serve as a tool for improving communications between our healthcare providers, staff and you!

Due to your valuable responses, we have learned a lot about ourselves.

We learned that there are things you did not like about your experience here at PUSH.

But we are listening and your responses have initiated positive change.

So far, we have shortened the survey (we know your time is valuable), added more appointments, added triage nurse visits (to better accommodate your requests to be able to walk in without an appointment), and we made our extended care services free to full time students.

We learned that there are a lot of things you really do like about your experiences here at PUSH. You have consistently rated your overall experience at a 4.6 out of 5 for overall value.

Your personal feedback and comments told us the most about your positive experiences.

Here are just some of the things you have said about us over the past several months.

"My triage nurse was very very nice and helped me feel at home druing my first sickness at college."
"Kelly was really helpful and friendly! She gave me a lot fo advice, including when I should thinka bout future visits/tests."
"Nan Julian was excellent and very friendly!"
"I appreciate the care Dr. Sundstrom, her nurse, and the triage nurse provided me."
"Dr. Adair addressed my concerns and was very helpful."
"Kelly was so nice and made me feel comfortable."
"Nan was great! I chose her because I wanted to see an NP rather than a doctor and was very pleased."
"Dr. Adair was great, would recommend him to anyone looking for a positive, informed visit!"
"Dr. O'Connor is very sweet and listening."
"Nurse Deb was great as was my doctor. Both seemed very knoledgeable and like they enjoyed their jobs. Didn't have to wait too long either, which was surprising for the end of the day."
"Gwen Richardson is very kind and saw me 3 times to show she really wanted to make sure I got better."
"My nurse was Tom and he is GREAT! He and the doctor make a great team."
"Dr. Osborne is sweet, attentive, and intelligent. I feel very safe knowing my heatlh is in her care."
"Dr. Osborne is always willing to listen to my concerns and always is methodical about pursuing them."
"Just came in for a strep test. The nurse was very kind and Dr. O'Connor went well out of her way to explain everuthing she was doing in detail."
"Dr. Adair was wonderful and made an early morning visit very enjoyable."
"Kate Kollman is amazing."
"Listened well and gave me exactly what I needed to get better."
"Dianne always makes me feel very comfortable and gives me the information that I need."
"Best service I've gotten from anyone on campus."
"Great staff! Very welcoming and professional!"
"She was comfortable, no better way to put it. She listened to me and answered all my questions and concerns."
"Dr. Hodes was wonderful and educated me on my concerns."
"I love how nice and respectful all employees are."
"Nice staff, welcome desk quietly spoke about my appt so not to announce my business."
"The Adair guitar rocks!"
"Janet at the front desk was super nice."
"Quick walk in appointment was helpful."
"Great service, helpful, kind."
"All were friendly and caring."
"I felt like I was really cared for."

"Now that's what we want to hear! Keep giving us feedback. We strive for excellence in everything we do and we can't do it without you!