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Waivers for International Students - How to Qualify

Only international students who fall into one of the following categories and carry insurance that meets the insurance plan coverage requirements listed below will be granted a student insurance waiver.

Types of International Students Who May Qualify to Waive the Student Insurance Plan:


1. 100% of the student's tuition, housing, books and fees are funded by their home government, AND the government provides a health insurance plan that meets Purdue’s guidelines.


2. The student is 100% financially sponsored by a U.S. or International organization: e.g. Fulbright, LASPAU, USAID.

  • Student must submit a DS2019 documenting U.S. Department of State (Fulbright), etc. in box 2 (Program Sponsor)


3. The student has a J1 visa in an approved exchange program

  • Student must submit a DS2019 clearly marked as exchange. Their insurance may be from any carrier and must meet Insurance Plan Coverage Requirements.


4. The student has insurance from a U.S. based employer or is a dependent covered by a U.S. based employee who has U.S. based insurance.


Only students who fall into one of the above categories, may submit a waiver request at Https://

In order to be approved for a student insurance waiver, qualifying students must also present proof of coverage that meets specific requirements.

  1. $100,000.00 per accident/injury
  2. $100,00.00 per illness
  3. Less than $500.00 deductible
  4. If the coverage is a high deductible plan, the maximum deductible may not exceed $3,400.00.
  5. Repatriation coverage ($25,000.00)
  6. Medical Evacuation coverage ($50,000.00)
    • If the requesting student's plan does not include repatriation/evacuation coverage, a separate policy providing such coverage must be purchased before a waiver will be granted.

More information on the waiver submission process including a brief tutorial and access to the waiver submission form can be found at

We recommend watching the AHP Waiver System Student Training video prior to submitting your request. 

International staff members of Purdue University must purchase additional repatriation/evacuation coverage for their dependent students. This coverage is only included in the Purdue University employee coverage for primary insured's and not for dependents.