Workforce Training

Areas at Purdue who are designated as covered by the HIPAA regulations are responsible for providing comprehensive training to workforce regarding its privacy policies and procedures as necessary to carry out their functions. Each area is required to ensure that all workforce including new and existing employees, volunteers, trainees or others whose conduct is under the control of the entity, are trained. Follow-up training is expected to occur annually.

There are two methods provided for training:

An online training utility (trainee should login with their career account and password and then select HIPAA)


If the trainee has no career account, please have them review the materials on this page and sign the confidentiality agreement. This agreement must be maintained by the area HIPAA liaison (pdf) for 6 years.

Please discuss the preferred method of training for your department with your HIPAA liaison (pdf).

The HIPAA training presentation (pdf) is available for staff to familiarize themselves with the basic HIPAA concepts and regulations governing confidentiality of personally identifiable health information. Supervisors are responsible for training staff regarding the application of HIPAA procedures for their particular job responsibilities.

It is also recommended that all staff read the following Notice of Privacy Practices as appropriate for the area in which they work:

Also, staff should review the HIPAA Communications Guidelines for more details regarding handling of protected health information.

After having viewed the HIPAA training presentation, staff are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement or agree to the statement electronically, if training was completed using the Online Training tool. The area liaison is responsible for maintaining the signed agreements that are provided on paper. If training was completed using paper documents, give your signed agreement to your HIPAA liaison.

The most current HIPAA forms and procedures are available at Click on "Forms and Procedures" menu option above and choose "Area Specific" or "General" to access the forms that you need.

Purdue staff who participate in research may also be impacted by the HIPAA regulations. To learn more, please review the PowerPoint slideshow HIPAA Research Training information (the subject of Research is located near the end of this PowerPoint).