Covered Components

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provide a decision tool that can be used to determine whether health care providers are covered under HIPAA.

An entity that is one or more of these types of entities is referred to as a "covered entity."

Purdue University is a "hybrid entity" under the HIPAA Privacy Regulations. Purdue's primary purpose is education. However, Purdue does have departments or components that provide covered functions. Purdue University therefore has surveyed and investigated those departments that provide healthcare services or health plans, as well as those departments that provide business assistance to the healthcare/health plan components. For purposes of the HIPAA regulations, the following departments, plans or programs shall be designated as "covered components" and shall comply fully with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the procedures and practices outlined in this Implementation Guide, as well as, any policies adopted pursuant to this Implementation Guide:

Healthcare Provider Covered Components

  1. Purdue University Student Health Center
  2. Purdue Pharmacy
  3. Purdue's North Central Nursing Clinics
  4. Nursing Center for Family Health
  5. Purdue's SLHS Audiology and Speech-Language Clinics
  6. Lafayette Street Family Health Clinic
  7. IPFW Dental Hygiene Clinic
  8. IPFW Center for Healthy Living: Campus Clinic and Wellness Programs
  9. Purdue Sports Medicine WL

Health Plan Covered Components

  1. Purdue Self-Insured Medical Benefits Plan(s)
  2. Vision Plan
  3. Pharmacy Plan(s)
  4. Health Care Flexible Spending Account Plan
  5. Health Care Retirement Accounts
  6. Employee Wellness Programs

Business Support Covered Components

  1. Student and Receivables Business Services-Accounts Receivable
  2. Central Files
  3. Internal Audit
  4. Information Technology at Purdue (only the following areas)
    • IT Infrastructure Services
      • Operating Systems Platform
      • Basis Administration
      • Database Administration
      • Production Control
      • Student Systems Administration
      • Telecommunications
      • Data Center & Enterprise Storage
    • Application Services
    • IT Security and Policy
      • Security Services
      • Identity and Access Management Office
    • IT Customer Relations
      • Service Desk
      • Desktop Computing Services
    • IT Research Computing
    • Project Management Office
  5. Public Records Office
  6. School of Nursing Business Office
  7. Risk Management
  8. Environmental Health
  9. Pharmacy IT
  10. IPFW School of Health Sciences Business Office
  11. IPFW Information Technology Services
  12. Calumet Technological Infrastructure Services
  13. Calumet Fitness Center
  14. North Central Information Services
  15. North Central Purchasing
  16. North Central Bursar
  17. RCHE-Health Outcomes and Policy Research Center
  18. SLHS Business and Main Offices
  19. SLHS Electronics and Technical Support
  20. Bursar
  21. Student and Receivables Business Services-Loans
  22. Calumet Procurement & General Services
  23. Health and Human Sciences IT
  24. Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering
  25. Center for Medication Safety Advancement
  26. Technology Statewide Business Offices
  27. Digital Education
  28. Healthcare Advisors
  29. IPFW Accounts Payable
  30. Comptroller
  31. Treasury Operations
  32. Payment Processing
  33. Purdue University Student Health Center
  34. Athletics Information Systems
  35. Purdue Recycling
  36. Legal Counsel for Purdue University

Purdue Internal Business Associates

  1. Healthcare Advisors
  2. Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering
  3. Center for Medication Safety Advancement
  4. IT Research Computing
  5. HHS Minnesota DHS Evaluation Projects
  6. Center for Cancer Research
  7. Cost Effectiveness of Novel Nasal Nebulizer-Delivered Budesonide as an Alternative to Surgery for the Treatment of Nasal Polyps Project

Effective as of March 3, 2016