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Call us if you find yourself in an illness or injury situation and you’re not sure what to do. Our phone triage nurse might save you a trip to PUSH, an urgent care facility, or emergency room.

We also understand that illness and injury don’t always occur at times when it is convenient, or during “normal business hours”. In that case, if you have a major emergency when PUSH is closed, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Most insurers define a medical emergency as a sudden, unexpected illness or injury that poses an immediate threat to life, limb, or body function.

For other, less urgent health concerns, such as sprains, cuts, fever, or flu, you may wish to go to a local urgent care facility.

Urgent care clinics offer medical care, laboratory testing, and x-ray for illness and injury that are not life-threatening. There are fees for these services, however, they cost much less than emergency room visits and usually take less time as well.

Click to access a printable list of area Urgent Care Facilities.