Data Science Research

Through the Integrative Data Science Initiative — which also includes a robust data science education component — Purdue will forge robust interdisciplinary and industry collaborations to harness data for the greater good. A data science-fluent campus ecosystem will put Purdue at the forefront of data-driven research. 


  • Build a data science-fluent campus ecosystem for researchers at all levels.
  • Through the Integrative Data Science Initiative, put Purdue at the forefront of data-driven research in the areas of health and life sciences, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation and civil infrastructure, with particular emphasis on the role of data science in security, privacy and ethics. This will be achieved by tightly coupling theory, discovery and applications.
  • Expand the frontiers of data science theory and fundamentals and extend the use of data science tools into a new variety of disciplines.
  • Launch data science fellowships and alliances with strategic partners.

Major Milestones