Year-round university

At one time, higher education was driven by the agrarian calendar. Today, students’ greatest need is to move quickly, flexibly and affordably in their academic careers. Purdue is expanding learning opportunities year-round, providing students with greater flexibility to incorporate internships, study abroad and undergraduate research into their Purdue experience.  


  • Through the Office of the Provost's Division of Summer Session, Purdue is accelerating its efforts to provide a year-round academic schedule while focusing on student success by expanding access, increasing affordability and speeding time to degree completion. 
  • In particular, Purdue will increase the number of new beginners who start during summer, expand internship and research opportunities, develop robust study abroad experiences and grow the number of online and on-campus courses offered during summer.

Major Milestones


  • Summer enrollment has increased 59% since 2012 among undergraduate, graduate and professional students combined. During this time, summer undergraduate enrollment has increased by 79.4%.
    • Additionally, Purdue saw the largest credit hour growth in University history from summer 2019 to summer 2020.
    • Sumer enrollment growth is not just a product of overall enrollment growth.  Since 2012, the percentage of undergraduates taking summer courses during a given year has increased from 22.9% to 37.8%.
  • More than 950 incoming freshmen for fall 2020 started their Purdue studies early by taking some coursework during the summer session.
  • Since 2016, more than 850 students have gained access to Purdue University through Summer Start.
  • More than 350 high school students earned Purdue credit during summer 2020 as part of Summer College for High School Students.
  • 482 students have participated in internships, undergraduate research and 9 credit hours as part of the Summer Stay Scholars program since summer 2016.
  • Since 2017, 248 students have used the Summer Finish Scholarship to graduate in August rather than waiting until December.
  • Since 2018, nearly 200 students have utilized Spring Forward to help return to good academic standing and maintain degree progression.