Epiphany seekers

Published October 2016; Updated January 2020

What would you give for your next epiphany? What's it worth to get a striking realization that brings new understanding and a fresh sense of what's true, right and worthwhile?

Purdue students know the value. They are pursing epiphanies in record numbers. They are leaving the familiar to seek the unfamiliar — taking bold leaps, and traveling to places they've seen only in two dimensions. More of them are studying abroad than ever before. And as they live in other countries, they are broadening their horizons and experiencing the world.

According to a 2018 report by the Institute of International Education, Purdue has become one of the nation's top 20 schools that send U.S. students abroad. Purdue moved up to 19th (tied) from 23rd in domestic student participation in study abroad. Purdue had 2,149 credit-bearing domestic students who studied abroad in 2016-17.

Why the surge?

Purdue flag displayed

Affordability, courtesy of Purdue Moves scholarships. Purdue Moves initiatives are making a Purdue education more affordable and more valuable. One of the Purdue Moves goals is for one third of all undergrads to study abroad, do research or work at an internship.

Brian Harley, the associate dean of international programs, says that the added scholarships combined with faculty doing more than ever to add study abroad programs explain the growing numbers.

“This summer some Purdue students studied transportation infrastructure in London, food production techniques in Italy and athletic training practices in China, just to name a few.”

— Brian Harley, Study Abroad

Is it really doable?

Frugally minded students may think that studying abroad is too expensive. That common perception is understood, so Purdue offers up to $1,000 scholarships for the short-term study-abroad programs that last just a few weeks. For students going abroad in the summer, Purdue can help with $3,000 for a six-week, six-credit experience. For students going for a semester or a year, up to $5,000 is available.

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