Students take advantage of summer session

Published October 2016

As part of the transformative education pillar of Purdue Moves, the University has accelerated efforts to provide a year-round academic schedule. With a focus on addressing students' needs to move quickly, flexibly and affordably in their academic careers, Purdue has continued to expand summer enrollment and course offerings.

As a result, the 2016 summer session had the largest enrollment on record, an increase of 10 percent over 2015 summer enrollment numbers. Enrollment in credit hours increased by 15 percent.

"By expanding summer options, students are more likely to graduate on time and have more ways to balance coursework with other exciting learning experiences such as study abroad, internships, research and co-op programs," says Jon Harbor, associate vice provost for teaching and learning.

Students are taking advantage of Purdue's Think Summer programs, hosted by the Division of Summer Session in the Office of the Provost. Those programs include Summer Start, Summer Stay, Early Start and Early Start Engineering. All are part of Purdue's major strategic initiatives to transform education.

The increase in freshmen coming early is largely because of the Summer Start Session, a five-week course to give students a head start on their college career. In the program, students get familiar with campus, professors, other students and the routine of college living.

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