Degree in 3: 4-year value for 3-year cost

Updated 2020

Purdue already has made big national waves with zero tuition increases for six years running. But now, Purdue's College of Liberal Arts has started the value equivalent of a tidal wave with three-year bachelor of arts degrees.

Swimming against the tide

With massive student loan debt in the United States ($1.56 trillion among about 45 million U.S. borrowers), Purdue has applied its innovative approach to the task of saving students money.

Purdue's tuition freeze already has stemmed the tide that pushed public university tuition/fees and housing costs up from an average of $8,100 in 1976-77 to $20,022 (instate) and $38,824 (out of state) in 2019-20. The University also has added other means to increase the value of a Purdue degree, such as Degree in 3.

Show me the money

The potential savings of a three-year Purdue degree versus a four-year degree ranges from over $9,000 for Indiana residents to about $19,400 for international students. The costs are charted here.

That isn't the whole money story, though. Not to be overlooked is the added income from entering the workforce one year sooner and starting to save for retirement one year earlier.

You choose

Three-year degrees are available in anthropology, communication, English, history, interdisciplinary studies, languages and culture, philosophy, political science, sociology, and the visual and performing arts.

But what about ...

There are plenty of questions about how Purdue is making Degree in 3 happen and how it might work for you or someone you know. Get the answers.