Data Science Education

  • 20 billion devices are now connected to the internet and that number is expected to rise to 1 trillion by 2030. Expert data scientists will need to transform this enormous amount of data into actionable information to help solve society’s biggest challenges. Every occupation in our future workforce will require some level of data literacy. With this great data comes great responsibility and Purdue University students, faculty and researchers are ready to approach this ethically, together. With data science research spanning across all corners of campus, we will train our students with a data-infused education so they can be competitive in the workforce today and in the future.  


  • Continue to grow the number of data science graduates. 
  • Embed data science into curricula across campus, teaching all students to be fluent in data science theory, discovery and application. 
  • Create unique opportunities for students to explore data science hands-on through The Data Mine, a residential learning community dedicated to the discipline.  

Major Milestones

  • The BS in Data Science has grown from 8 students in 2017 to 334 students in the fall of 2020. The program will graduate its first class in May of 2021.  
  • The Integrative Data Science Initiative was launched in early 2018, underscoring Purdue’s commitment to helping our students graduate with data science fluency. 
  • The Data Mine, is a living, learning and research-based community created to introduce students to data science concepts and equip them to create solutions to real-world problems. Members of The Data Mine will be part of a team, living, studying and ultimately, performing data-driven research together. The Data Mine is part of Purdue University’s Integrative Data Science Initiative, which is designed to train students across all majors with the data literacy needed to succeed in a data-driven world. 
  • The College of Engineering also launched two new data science education programs for engineering students in 2017: Data Mind, which aims to help students graduate with a working knowledge of the foundations, implementation and applications of data science, and Stackable Ones, a host of one credit hour courses that can be “stacked” to create a custom data-science curriculum. 
  • As of 2021, the Data Mine had over 25 corporate partners. These multi-industry partnerships create projects for The Data Mine students to gain experience working on real-life, real-time business challenges.