Learning, reinvented

Published January 2018

These aren’t your parents’ classrooms. Often, at Purdue, they aren’t classrooms at all. The University has transformed the what, the how and the where of learning, determined to expand it and drive a broader understanding — keys to professional success for students after graduation.

Transformed and still moving

Among the best rubber-hits-the-road examples of Purdue Moves’ Transformative Education thrust is the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. The institute has achieved many specific goals on its transformation list, including implementing undergrad learn-by-doing labs and at least four weeks a semester of applied learning activities; emphasizing project-based learning for teams; and a reworking of the old lecture class. Student-centered active learning is replacing the traditional speaker at the front of the classroom.

Status quo gets the side-eye

“If you don’t question how you’ve been doing things, how do you get better?” That question is fundamental to Purdue culture.

Research revealing new insights into how people learn best is ongoing, much of it originating at the University. By heeding such findings, students learn better and they learn more. Their Purdue degrees become more valuable.

Cause and effect

Purdue’s transformed learning culture has momentum. Its popularity is showing up as record enrollment numbers in Purdue Polytechnic. The institute’s fall 2017 record enrollment of 4,377 students turned the tide on previous declines and represents a 64 percent increase in first-time, nontransfer undergraduate student enrollment over a four-year period.

Ride the wave

Those interested in becoming a student in Purdue Polytechnic at the West Lafayette campus or any of its nine other locations throughout Indiana can explore online or contact the college at 765-494-4935.