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Offer Letter Templates

For formal job offers to new faculty of all levels, lecturers and postdocs, the offer letter and contract (form 19) will now be replaced with a single, detailed offer letter that will act as the contract

Here you will find template offer letters for all 11 categories of faculty, lecturers and postdocs, as well as a process grid outlining the steps in the approval process for the letter contracts.

Because these letters now serve as contracts, some language must be used verbatim as provided; these parts of the text are highlighted in yellow in the templates.   Black and red text indicates suggested template language. Red identifies special situations/or alternative solutions to a decision point.  Black should address the majority of “standard” offers.  Sections that are irrelevant to a particular offer – i.e., FY language for an AY appointment – can be deleted.   Please use only these templates for your offer letters going forward.

Feel free to contact Peter Hollenbeck (phollenb@purdue.edu), Trent Klingerman (klingert@purdue.edu) or your Director of Financial Affairs with any questions.


Templates For Offer Letters 


Forms For Extension And Reappointment


Process Grid

offer letter process