Purdue Recipients

Alan T. Waterman Award

Name Department Year Awarded
Mung Chiang Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellows

Name Department Year Awarded
Gerhard Klimeck Electrical and Computer Engineering 2019
Russell Main Basic Medical Sciences 2019
Timothy Zwier Chemistry



Saurabh Bagchi   Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018
Natalia Dudareva Biochemistry 2016
Christopher Yeomans Philosophy 2015
Patrick Eugster Computer Science 2011
Ralph Kaufmann Mathematics 2010
Wojciech Szpankowski Computer Science 2010 & 2015
Kaushik Roy Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010
Saeed Mohammadi Electrical and Computer Engineering 2009
Lefteri H. Tsoukalas Nuclear Engineering 2009
Steven Wereley Mechanical Engineering 2007
Jeffrey E. Brower Philosophy 2006
H. Jay Melosh Earth, Atmospheric, Planetary Sciences 2006
Jie Shan Civil Engineering 2005
Ehtibar Dzhafarov Psychological Sciences 2003
Hans U. Walther Mathematics 2003
Patrick Kain Philosophy 2002
Keith Bowman Materials Engineering 2002
Alexandre Eremenko Mathematics 2001
Joseph S. Francisco Chemistry 2001
Kevin McNamara Agricultural Economics 2001
Doraiswami Ramkrishna Chemical Engineering 2001
Christopher Staiger Biological Sciences 2001
Andrew Weiner Electrical and Computer Engineering 2000
Sivanandan Harilal Nuclear Engineering 1999
Gudrun Schmidt Biomedical Engineering 1999
Ei-ichi Negishi Chemistry 1998
Herbert Rowland German 1997
Keith Bowman Materials Engineering 1996
Jie Shan Civil Engineering 1995
William Cramer Biological Sciences 1992
Natalia Doudareva, Biochemistry / Horticulture & Landscape Architecture 1991
Philip Paarlberg Agricultural Economics 1991
Vladimir Shalaev Electrical and Computer Engineering 1991
Kevin Trumble Materials Engineering 1990
Louis de Branges Mathematics 1986
D. James Morré Biochemistry 1984
Daniel Elliott Electrical and Computer Engineering 1982 & 2009
Charles Ingrao History 1980
Edward Mikhail Civil Engineering 1978
Yeong Kim Physics 1977
Anant Ramdas Physics 1977
Richard Dilley Biology 1977

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)

Name Department Year Awarded
Kim Gallon History 2016

American Educational Research Association Fellows (AERA)

Name Department Year Awarded
Peggy A. Ertmer Curriculum and Instruction 2015
J. William Asher Education and Psychological Sciences 2008
Mary B. Nakhleh Chemistry and Curriculum and Instruction 2008
John R. Staver Curriculum and Instruction 2008

Beckman Young Investigators Award

Name Department Year Awarded
Garth J. Simpson Chemistry 2004
Jonathan Wilker Chemistry 2001
Mahdi Abu-Omar Chemical Engineering 2001

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University

Name Department Year Awarded
Daniel Kelly Philosophy 2018-19

Fulbright Scholars (since 2013)

Name Department Year Awarded
Erica Carlson Physics and Astronomy 2019-2020
Wendy Kline History 2019-2020
Nana Gletsu-Miller Nutrition Science 2019-2020
Lori Hoagland Horticulture 2019-2020
Philip Sanger Engineering Technology 2019-2020
David Purpura Human Development & Family Studies 2019-2020
Linda Nie Health Sciences 2019-2020
Michael Gribskov Biological Sciences 2019-2020
Stacy Holden History 2018-2019
Leigh Raymond Political Science 2018-2019
Allan Gray Agricultural Economics 2018-2019
Marianne Boruch English 2018-2019
Qianlai Zhuang Earth & Planetary Sciences 2018-2019
Stefan Paula Chemistry 2017-2018
Margaret Tillman History 2017-2018
German Posada Psychology 2016-2017
Juan Wachs Industrial Engineering 2016-2017
Brian Smith Communication 2016-2017
Melanie Schoffner English Education 2016-2017
Angelica Duran English 2016-2017
Frederick Davis History 2016-2017
T. J. Boisseau IDIS 2016-2017
Satish Ukkusuri Civil Engineering 2015-2016
Philip Sanger Engineering Technology 2015-2016
Adriela Fernandez International Programs in Agriculture 2014-2015
Jeffrey Stuart Entomology 2014-2015
Nancy Pelaez Biological Sciences 2014-2015
Keith Cherkauer Agricultural and Biological Engineering 2014-2015
Timothy Cason Economics 2014-2015
Suresh Rao Agronomy 2013-2014
Clifford Sadof Entomology 2013-2014
Kaushik Roy Electrical & Computer Engineering 2013-2014
Kevin Keener Food Science 2013-2014
Sorin Matei Communication 2013-2014

John Simon Guggenheim Fellows

Name Department Year Awarded
Roxane Gay English 2018
Marianne Boruch English 2005
Patricia Curd Philosophy 2001
Freydoon Shahidi Mathematics 2001
James Farr History 1998
H. Jay Melosh Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences 1997
William Cramer Biological Sciences 1992
Ei-ichi Negishi Chemistry 1987
Jeff Vitter Computer Science 1986
Louis de Branges Mathematics 1967
David Miller Physics 1956

Jefferson Science Fellows

Name Department Year Awarded
Peter M. Hirst Horticulture 2018
Sonak D. Pastakia Pharmacy Practice 2017
Peter Hirst Horticulture 2017
Karthik Kannan Management 2017
Barrett Caldwell Industrial Engineering 2016
Charles R. Santerre Nutrition Sciences 2014
Suresh Garimella Mechanical Engineering 2010
Jay Gore Mechanical Engineering 2010
Alex King Materials Engineering 2005
Melba Crawford Civil Engineering 2004

National Endowment for the Humanities

Name Department Year Awarded
Stacy Holden History 2016
Chris Lukasik English 2016
Trenton Cole Jones History 2015
Kim Gallon History 2015
Cornelius "Neil" Bynum History 2015
Marcia Stephenson Languages & Cultures 2014
Thomas Broden Languages & Cultures 2013
Roberta Malo English 2007
Robert Marzec English 2007
Rachel Einwohner Sociology 2006
Rebecca G. Bryant Visual Performing Arts 2004
Patricia Curd Philosophy 1994 & 2004
Christopher Lukasik English 2004
Kevin Anderson Political Science 2002
Kristina Bross English 2002
Robert Marzec English 2001
Daniel Morris English 1995
Ellen Gruenbaum Anthropology 1991

National Humanities Center Fellows

Name Department Year Awarded
Michael Johnston English 2020
Patricia Curd Philosophy 2001 & 2009
Linda Levy Peck History 1991
Darlene Hine History 1986
William Rowe Philosophy 1984
Harold Woodman History 1983
Claire Gaudiani French 1980
Robert Magliola Comparative Literature 1979

National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Name Department Year Awarded
Nancy Ho Chemical Engineering 2016
Rakesh Agrawal Chemical Engineering 2011
Leslie Geddes Bioengineering 2006
Jerry Woodall Electrical and Computer Engineering 2001

National Science Foundation CAREER Awards (since 2010)

Name Department Year Awarded
Hua Cai Industrial Engineering 2020
Hyowon Lee Biomedical Engineering 2020
Bruno Ribeiro Computer Science 2020
Timothy Rogers Electrical and Computer Engineering 2020
Shreyas Sen Electrical and Computer Engineering 2020
Pramey Upadhyaya Electrical and Computer Engineering 2020
Haizhao Yang Mathematics 2020
Kejie Zhao Mechanical Engineering 2020
Brandon Boor Civil Engineering 2019
Christopher Goldenstein Mechanical Engineering 2019
Chen-Lung Hung Physics 2019
Aniket Kate Computer Science 2019
Changhee Jung Computer Science 2019
Felix Xiaoahu Lin Electrical and Computer Engineering 2019
Baiying Liu Mathematics 2019
Nina Mahmoudian Mechanical Engineering 2019
Byung-Cheol Min Computer and Information Technology 2019
Mo Rastgaar Engineering Technology 2019
Roopsha Samanta Computer Science 2019
Michael Titus Materials Engineering 2019
Yiying Zhang Electrical and Computer Engineering 2019
Elias Bareinboim Computer Science 2018
Tamara Kinzer-Ursem Biomedical Engineering 2018
Chunyi Peng Computer Science  2018
David Purpura Human Development and Family Studies 2018
Janelle Wharry Nuclear Engineering 2018
Jingwei Hu Electrical and Computer Engineering 2017
Zubin Jacob Electrical and Computer Engineering 2017
Joyce Main Engineering Education 2017
Jianguo Mei Chemistry 2017
Michael Sangid Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering 2017
Shreyas Sundaram Electrical and Computer Engineering 2017
Bryan Boudouris Chemical Engineering 2016
Shelley Claridge Chemistry 2016
Mingji Dai Chemistry 2016
Raj Gounder Chemical Engineering 2016
Allison Godwin Engineering Education 2016
Libai Huang Chemistry 2016
Susan Hunter Industrial Engineering 2016
Tongcang Li Physics and Astronomy 2016
Guang Lin Mathematics 2016
Liang Pan Mechanical Engineering 2016
Tiark Rompf Computer Science 2016
Chris Uyeda Chemistry 2016
Peter Bermel Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015
Jennifer DeBoer Engineering Education 2015
Kendra Erk Materials Engineering 2015
Morgan Hynes Engineering Education 2015
Rebecca Kramer Mechanical Engineering 2015
Na Lu Civil Engineering 2015
Alejandra Magana-de-Leon Engineering Education 2015
Fabio Semperlotti Mechanical Engineering 2015
Laura Bofferding Curriculum and Instruction 2014
Karen Marais Aeronautics/Astronautics 2014
Corey Neu Biomedical Engineering 2014
Yuila Pushkar Physics and Astronomy 2014
Niklas Elmqvist Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013
Brent Jesiek Engineering Education 2013
Erika Kaufmann Mathematics and Physics 2013
Oana Malis Physics 2013
Li Qiao Aeronautics/Astronautics 2013
Gesualdo Scutari Industrial Engineering 2013
Jianlin Xia Mathematics 2013
Pablo Zavattieri Civil Engineering 2013
Arezoo Ardekani Mechanical Engineering 2012
Suzanne Bart Chemistry 2012
David Cappelleri Mechanical Engineering 2012
Guang Cheng Statistics 2012
Jose Figueroa-Lopez Statistics 2012
David Gleich Computer Science 2012
Jeffrey Karpicke Psychological Sciences 2012
Milind Kulkarni Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012
Peijun Li Mathematics 2012
Jennifer Neville Computer Science 2012
Senay Purzer Engineering Education 2012
Xiulin Ruan Mechanical Engineering 2012
Xavier Tricoche Computer Science 2012
Adam Wasserman Chemistry 2012
Song Zhang Mechanical Engineering 2012
Alina Alexeenko Aeronautics/Astronautics 2011
Monica Cardella Engineering Education 2011
Jong Hyun Choi Mechanical Engineering 2011
Charles Killian Computer Science 2011
Ramana Kompella Computer Science 2011
(Walter) Daniel Leon-Salas Engineering Technology 2011
Yuan (Alan) Qi Computer Science 2011
Burkhard Schulz Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 2011
Olga Vitek Computer Science 2011
Benxin Wu Mechanical Engineering 2011
Yoon Yeo Industrial and Physical Pharmacy 2011
Thomas Hacker Computer and Information Technology 2010
Luis Kruczenski Physics and Astronomy 2010
Carl Laird Chemical Engineering 2010
Tamara Moore Engineering Education 2010
Jitesh Panchal Mechanical Engineering 2010
Alice Pawley Engineering Education 2010
Vijay Raghunathan Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010
Sanjay Rao Electrical and Computer Engineering 2010
Lyudmila Slipchenko Chemistry 2010

Nobel Prize

Name Department Year Awarded
Ei-ichi Negishi Chemistry 2010
Herbert C. Brown Chemistry 1979

Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering

Name Department Year Awarded
Ali Shakouri Electrical and Computer Engineering 1999
Johhn E Hamer Biological Sciences 1989

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

Name Department Year Awarded
Rebecca Kramer Mechanical Engineering 2019
Arezoo Ardekani Mechanical Engineering 2016
Milind Kulkarni Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016
Tamara Moore Engineering Education 2014
Jeffrey Karpicke Psychological Sciences 2014
Eugenio Culurciello Biomedicine / Electrical and Computer Engineering / Mechanical Engineering 2011
Alice Pawley Engineering Education 2011
Demetra Evangelou Engineering Education 2010
Monica Cox Engineering Education 2008
Patrick Zollner Forestry and Natural Resources 2004
David Bahr Materials Engineering 2000
Shirley Dyke Mechanical Engineering 1998
John Sutherland Engineering 1996

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics

For more information

Name Department Year Awarded
Michael G. Rossman Biological Sciences 2016

Sloan Research Fellows

Name Department Year Awarded
Linquan Ma Mathematics 2020
David Gleich Computer Science 2016
Chris Uyeda Chemistry 2016
Adam Wasserman Chemistry 2013
Tong Liu Mathematics 2012
Svitlana Mayboroda Mathematics 2010
Luis Martin Kruczenski Physics 2009
James C. Clemens Neuroscience 2007
Kyoung-Shin Choi Chemistry 2006
Garth J. Simpson Chemistry 2005
Brooke E. Shipley Mathematics 2002
Jonathan J. Wilker Chemistry 2002
Jillian M. Buriak Chemistry 2000
Daniel Raftery Chemistry 1999
Jean A. Chmielewski Chemistry 1996
Daniela Bortoletto Physics 1994
Serguei Khlebnikov Physics 1994
Sai Kee Yeung Mathematics 1994
Antonio Sa Barreto Mathematics 1993
David D. Nolte Physics 1990
Timothy S. Zwier Chemistry 1989
Clifford P. Kubiak Chemistry 1987
Thomas M. Sellke Mathematics 1987
Robert R. Squires Chemistry 1987
Ian P. Rothwell Chemistry 1986
Craig Huneke Mathematics 1982
Gary S. Grest Physics 1981
James O. Berger Mathematics 1979
William L. Jorgensen Chemistry 1979
Philip L. Fuchs Chemistry 1977
Steven A. Adelman Chemistry 1976
Bernard A. Weinstein Physics 1976
Lawrence G. Brown Mathematics 1975
Nicholas Winograd Chemistry 1974
Allen W. Weitsman Mathematics 1972
Richard A. Hunt Mathematics 1970
Louis de Branges Mathematics 1963
Robert E. Davis Chemistry 1962
Richard W. King Physics 1959

World Food Prize

Name Department Year Awarded
Gebisa Ejeta Agronomy 2009
Philip E. Nelson Agriculture 2007

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