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A Web Letter from the Office of the Provost - November 2021
Data Mine + Cummins

By Mary Jane Chew

Butler Center “Support Circle” sessions geared toward faculty well-being

The Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence and the Women’s Global Health Institute presented two fall “Support Circle” sessions.  The collaborative, informal “Support Circle,” aimed at faculty, was formed in 2020 with the intention to connect, build relationships and share experiences and ideas about coping in these times. It is about both, resilience and vulnerability.

In case you were not able to participate earlier this fall, videos of the sessions are below.

Session 1: How Can Leaders Support Faculty?

The session was structured as a conversation/discussion with leaders at different levels of the university and from across colleges.  The lineup of Purdue speakers included:

Kathleen Howell, Hsu Lo Distinguished Professor, aeronautics and astronautics; Klod Kokini, professor, mechanical Engineering; Candace Croney, director of the Center for Animal Welfare Science, professor of animal behavior and well-being; Linda Prokopy, head, horticulture and landscape architecture, and professor, forestry and natural resources; Donna Riley, Kamyar Haghighi Head of the School of Engineering Education; Jeffrey Dukes, professor, forestry and natural resources and biological sciences, director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center, Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability.

Moderator: Laura Zanotti, professor, anthropology & co-chair SBBCLE support circle.

View the session here. 

Session 2: Wellness

The session focused on mental health in academia, particularly the stress and anxiety felt by women faculty in the hyper-competitive environment of academic research. A panel of researchers on mental health topics and women leaders in academia offered their perspectives.  Theresa Mayer, executive vice president for research and partnerships, shared remarks followed by interaction with the panel of: Dan Foti, associate professor, psychological sciences; Libby Richards, associate professor, nursing; Kelly LaMaire, clinical assistant professor, psychological sciences; Zhao Ma, professor, natural resource social science; Bridgette Kelleher, associate professor, psychological sciences.

View the session here.