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By Eric Bender

Getting to know GEN Z

In our series that will help us get to know GEN Z, we continue our conversation with Beth McCuskey, vice provost for student life.

This month: Immediacy and Interconnections

“This generation grew up with the internet in their pocket,” McCuskey said. “With smartphone technology, they have always had the ability to immediately look up information or connect with their friends.” McCuskey adds that despite this familiarity with technology, they still appreciate face-to-face communication.

Generation Z also is the YouTube generation. They use this technology as a learning resource for everything from solving math problems to baking a cake. Pedagogically, they tend to enjoy figuring things out on their own before working with others, in part due to the internet resources available to them.

Through their vast social networks and immediate access to information, Generation Z has a broad and inclusive worldview. They see themselves interconnected in ways that prior generations may not have contemplated. They also are willing to speak out in support of others.

"Generational characteristics aren’t predictive of any one individual’s behavior, so it’s important to put these attributes in context," McCuskey said.

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