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A Web Letter from the Office of the Provost - August 2020

By Mary Jane Chew

Instructional resources available – reminders from the interim vice provost for teaching and learning

Teaching & Learning (T&L) Forum Aug. 21, 11 am-12 noon

  • Join us for the final summer installment of our Teaching and Learning Forums on  T&L Forum Aug.21 at 11 a.m., where we will host faculty and staff from Summer Start and Early Start to share their experiences with hybrid, hyflex, and online teaching and the lessons we can take from them into the fall. We will also be joined by a summer residential student who will share some of their perspectives. Past recordings are available at the T&L Forums webpage


  • Well-being and challenges to well-being will be top-of-mind for many this fall. As part of Steps to LeapsDr. Louis Tay, Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences offers well-being tips of the week that are often simple, yet profound and practical, and grounded in evidence.

Fall Course Planning Resources for Instructors
Bookmark the Teaching and Learning section of the Innovative Learning website for continuous updates on instruction and instructional resources for Fall 2020. A few items of particular interest are:

  • Our IMPACT X+ faculty advisory team developed Guiding Principles of the IMPACT X+ Portfolio (downloadable PDF) for Purdue course design in response to COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Fall 2020 Exam Guidance is available to download on the IL website. All final exams will be online based on the updated academic calendar. Further guidance on exams, including digital proctoring options may be found in the document Exams and Academic Integrity Considerations.
  • The Overarching SOP for Classrooms, Instructional Laboratories, and Experiential Courses has been updated with new guidelines on paper quarantine, and reminders on attendance and grades, and the alternative calendar for Fall 2020 that puts classes in session on Labor Day, eliminates fall break, and ends face-to-face instruction on Nov. 24. Please follow the SOP updated Aug. 13.
  • Reminder: Check out the Fall 2020 Syllabus Letter and Required template for COVID-specific sections on Academic Guidance in the Event a Student is Quarantined/Isolated, Attendance Policy During COVID-19, and Classroom Guidance Regarding Protect Purdue.
  • This semester many of you are teaching in classrooms where the course enrollment exceeds the room capacity. These sections require rotating, in-person meeting schedules.  If you are in this situation, please consider using the In-Person Course Planning tool. Training materials for this application are on the Office of the Registrar web site.  Once an instructor finalizes a meeting plan in the tool, the detailed, in-person schedule appears on student schedules in UniTime.  Students are encouraged to check their schedules, their e-mail and Brightspace daily.  You can help your students know when they are supposed to attend class in-person and when they are supposed to participate remotely by documenting your plan in this system.  Check with your department to see if your course is on the list of courses that could benefit from utilizing the tool.  If it is, please consider documenting your plan within the tool.
  • If you ever have concerns or questions about your exposure or the exposure of your teaching spaces to COVID-19, you can call the Protect Purdue Health Center at 765-496-4636(INFO) or email at. The PPHC can deploy the REM Rapid Response team to disinfect a physical space, assess your situation, and/or arrange testing for you.
  • Are your students cleared for initial entry to campus? Thanks to ITaP and IDAT+A, students who are cleared for initial entry to campus will be tracked in Banner using a new cohort code called SICMPCLEAR. Today, anyone with data access can run a report against that cohort code. Starting today (8/20) instructors will see the cohort code as a field in their course rosters when downloaded from myPurdue>Faculty>ClassList>DownloadCourseRoster. 
  • Residential students must meet three requirements to move into residence halls, attend classes and/or participate in campus activities. 1) Be tested for COVID-19 and have a negative test result on file or, if recently tested positive, have documentation from the Protect Purdue Health Center that they have completed a 10-day isolation after the test (asymptomatic) or 10 days after symptom onset. 2) Complete the required Protect Purdue Student Health & Safety training, and receive 100% on the quiz in Brightspace. And 3) Provide updated contact information to be used for contact tracing.

For more information email innovativelearningteam@purdue.edu for expert assistance. 


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