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A Web Letter from the Office of the Provost - April 2022

By Mary Jane Chew

Campus community celebrates Academic Advisors

The Department of University Undergraduate Academic Advising (UUAA) is hosting its first annual Advisor Appreciation Day on Friday, April 29. 

Advisor Appreciation Day is an effort on the part of UUAA to recognize the valuable work academic advisors do with the undergraduate student population.

 “Advising is a critical element of student success and good advising is grounded in developing relationships with students,” said Jeff Elliott, executive director of university undergraduate academic advising. “And while the pandemic has made that a very challenging reality for advisors, they have continued to find ways to connect with their students. So, while we will continue to recognize their work year-round, we wanted to specifically set aside a day to celebrate them.”

Elliott adds that academic advisors do much more than just help students navigate course selection. 

“Our nearly 250 advisors across campus promote an environment that challenges and supports students by providing meaningful opportunities for student learning, development, and integration of curricular and co-curricular experiences,” he said. “Advisors are dedicated to empowering students to be active responsible learners and guiding them to make well-informed decisions about their Purdue experience.” 

Here is a partial list of services advisors provide: 

  • Provide a safe, inclusive environment.
  • Inform students of their responsibilities in the advising process.
  • Talk with students about their strengths, interests, and abilities.
  • Assist students with major exploration and interpreting degree requirements.
  • Explain college and major requirements.
  • Discuss a students’ academic performance.
  • Empower students to advocate for themselves.
  • Support students with academic issues and personal concerns.
  • Refer students to additional campus resources or services as needed.

The UUAA is celebrating Advisor Appreciation day by commissioning a student-created video. You can view the video here.  Other activities include visits by UUAA staff to the advising offices around campus, recognition from college and department leadership, and a lunch gathering sponsored by PACADA, Purdue’s allied membership with the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA). Visit the UUAA web site to learn more about the role and importance of academic advising at Purdue.