Testimonial from Megan Billman, Class of 2017:

"You hit the real world, you jump into your job and very quickly you are thrown head first in. I remember being in those sales competitions and thinking yeah this is great, but is it really real life. I want to tell you, yes! It's no secret that sales requires lots of skill and training. Some things can't be taught from a book or a manager- you need the real experience! If I would not have taken the opportunity to really dive into the sales competitions provided by the Center for Selling, I’d be far behind the curve." - Cintas Sales Support

Testimonial from Nick Warden, Class of 2015:

"Being a student in the Selling and Sales Management program provided a lot of unique opportunities. Specifically, the Center for Professional Selling hosted multiple sales competitions with reputable companies. This was a way for me to showcase my skills in front of someone who would be looking to hire talent in the future. Furthermore, there were opportunities to compete across the country and put my talents to test on the national level. These competitions were a fantastic way to network with other people in the sales field and more importantly, network with companies that are hiring. My senior year, I competed in the National Team Selling Competition and met my current employer at the event." - Whirlpool Sales Development Representative