Our History

Purdue’s Center for Professional Selling was established in 2010 with the University’s mission in mind, concentrating on instruction, research and student engagement. Housed in the Department of Consumer Sciences within the College of Health and Human Sciences, the Center primarily focuses on undergraduate students and is well-aligned with the philosophy of our sales faculty, that selling is a relationship-based, consultative process.

Over the course of the past seven years, countless students have passed through the Center to elevate their professional development. These opportunities are practical and drawn from the real world, empowering students to bridge what they learn in the classroom to sales industry expectations.

Additional goals of the Center include supporting Purdue sales faculty and contributing to the sales industry through research. Students and companies benefit from state-of-the-art research in areas that include selling trends, new sales formats, effects of charisma in selling, and culture.

Looking to the future, the Center continues to develop new partnerships with industry leaders, harness the power of the Selling and Sales Management alumni and sales faculty in hopes of expanding the Center’s presence on campus, and renovate the physical facilities.