Travel Restriction FAQs

The questions and answers below support the current travel restrictions and University spend reduction efforts.

How do I obtain a travel waiver?

A travel waiver is obtained by documenting your essential business reason for traveling and sending an email to your unit leader (e.g. dean, vice provost, vice president) requesting their approval. If approval is obtained and you are booking through Concur or Anthony Travel, the written approval must be emailed to

I have an upcoming event that requires me to travel. When I contact Anthony Travel to make my arrangements will Anthony Travel also request my travel waiver from my unit leader?

No, it is the traveler’s responsibility to obtain the essential travel waiver approval before any travel arrangements are made. When approval has been received, the traveler must email a copy of the written approval to, and then they may book directly in Concur or contact Anthony Travel for travel arrangements. All reservations made through Concur and Anthony Travel will be denied if an approved travel waiver is not provided within 24 hours of the booking.

I have my approved waiver to travel and have emailed it to How do I get my Travel Card spend limit increased to cover the upcoming travel and reservations that I need to make?

When you book your travel through Concur or Anthony Travel and have an approved travel waiver submitted for your trip, Purdue Travel will automatically update your Travel Card spend limit to meet your travel needs for the specified travel dates.

I like to book on my own and often do not use Concur. What am I required to do to continue booking on my own?

It is always recommended to use Concur for all travel as it allows the University to exercise a strong duty of care, which includes the benefit of quickly locating and assisting our traveling employees in times of emergency. University travel restrictions require an approved travel waiver, and the traveler is expected to book through Concur or Anthony Travel.

If a traveler finds cheaper travel and accommodations outside of Concur or Anthony Travel, that traveler may accept that option and keep the supporting documentation to include in the expense reimbursement. The traveler would also need to email a copy of their approved travel waiver to if paying for the expenses using a Travel Card and enter a travel request in Concur before booking on their own. Directions for how to create a travel request in Concur are available online.

I want to attend a virtual conference. Since it does not require a travel waiver, how do I get my Travel Card spend limit increased?

Since you are not actually traveling but attending a conference virtually, you may request a Travel Card increase using the Temporary Card Limit Increase Request. The form includes an option to indicate it is for a virtual event. Attendance at a virtual conference should still be deemed essential and support a compelling University interest.