Procurement Services Auxiliary Services

Purchasing Guidelines

Purchasing for the University is driven by established guidelines, which are:

  • To conduct all purchasing in accordance with the policies of the University.
  • To obtain, when needed, the quantity and quality of product or service that meets the needs of the University at the best-proven value.
  • To maximize competition, and provide all interested and qualified vendors with the opportunity to offer their products or service to the University.
  • To treat all vendors equally and fairly.

Who Purchases for Purdue University

Procurement Services has the responsibility for the procurement of all goods and services for the University.

  • Procurement Services coordinates the process of all purchases greater than $10,000.
  • Purchasing authority is delegated at the department level for purchases up to $9,999.

Minority-Owned and Indiana Businesses

Purdue University encourages the inclusion of minority, women and veteran owned business and the use of Indiana vendors whenever possible.

The Supplier Diversity Office works in conjunction with Procurement Services to assist in building relationships with businesses owned by minorities, women and veterans. Suppliers who contract with the University will be required to interface with the Supplier Diversity Office’s software program for tracking of their subcontractor diversity spend.