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February 7, 2014 12:24 PM


Course Packet Orders for Instructors

BoilerCopyMaker (BLCM) can print and distribute all your course packets. The process is very easy. Email the files to with the detailed instructions and provide the number of students enrolled in the course, include a quantity for desk copies. Submit a Form 3C.

Copyright clearances can be obtained by our staff at BLCM.

Students can order their Course Packets on-line and pick them up at the BoilerCopyMaker or have them shipped through UPS.

More options for instructors

No Buy Backs

BLCM is able to provide “no buy backs” to departments for printed packets sold by them. They produce 80% of the class enrollment and have them available for purchase. If more copies are needed they can be ready within four hours of the request.

Non-Printed Material

BLCM can sell course packets that contain non-printed materials, such as a lab coat or an electrical kit. The department will purchase the materials to be sold. BLCM will handle the distribution and cash transaction with students. BLCM will reimburse the department for all materials purchased and return unsold materials to the department.

If a department would choose to distribute the packets in class, they can use a price card. BLCM would collect payment and reimburse the department.

Price Cards

Price cards are an easy way to have students pay for course materials that a professor wants to purchase and distribute in class. As an example, a professor may require a student to use 10 yards of a certain fabric. The professor can purchase a large roll of the fabric at a discounted price and sell it back at a cheaper price to the students. The professor can request the students go to BLCM to pay for it and the professor doesn’t have to worry about collecting the money for the department. BLCM will provide the student with a price card to take back to the professor as proof of payment. The card will contain the course name, number, professor’s name, and the amount. The department will be reimbursed for every price card sold.

Class Supplies

If students need art supplies or other items for class, BLCM can order the supplies and have them available for students. Professors would need to let students know they are available for purchase at BLCM.