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Student Organizations

Most professional school programs seek students who are involved in their campuses and communities. They also see healthcare and legal fields as service fields, so a track record of service to others is an important part of your application. Ideally that track record is well-established during your college years rather than just starting the year of your application to their program. If you aren't sure what kind of volunteer work you would like to do, you could start by looking at student organizations here at Purdue. Many student organizations are service-oriented and provide a good way to get involved (Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers/Big Sisters, for example). Purdue has hundreds of student organizations in which you can participate. To find an organization that interests you, go to http://boilerlink.purdue.edu.

Purdue Student Groups

Besides the many public service groups and interest groups, a number of student organizations on campus are geared to those with interests in health and law careers. Participating in these organizations can help establish your interest in a particular career and show professional schools a record of interest. These organizations often provide speakers from that career, information sessions on programs and applications, and volunteer opportunities.

Organizations within your major

You might also want to consider joining an organization within your major. This can help you learn more about your department and available research opportunities, and may offer the opportunity to meet faculty (who might eventually write recommendation letters for you).

Here are some examples:

Professional Organizations

Many professional organizations offer student memberships. You might want to participate in this option. Again, it shows your interest in the field. Generally you also receive a journal so you can keep up on new developments in your chosen profession. Check the website for your professional field and see what they have. Some also have specific student organizations that offer membership. These Web links can be found in the Career Tracks page on our website.