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Your undergraduate years are a great time to explore the many career options available in professional fields. Because the opportunities are so exciting — and so varied — it can be a bit overwhelming. One of the first steps in this journey is to conduct research and to keep learning all you can about the your options and to prepare for the process of entering a professional field. Here are some easy steps to take:

  • Check out the Career Tracks page on our website to begin your research on career options-keep an open mind about your many great options!
  • Look at some of our Sways to learn more about application processes-this info is available to you 24/7 and linked below.
  • Come see us and we would be happy to help you focus your career goals, answer all of your questions, and assist you as you apply.

Information available to you 24/7!

Check out our new Sways. More will be added soon. These online training materials are quick overviews of subjects you need to understand to be well-prepared for your applications. Let us know if you think of other subjects you would like us to cover.

An Intro to Pre-Professional Advising at Purdue

Professional School Applications--The Basics