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Pre-Pathologists’ Assistant

Pathologists’ assistants provide anatomical and pathology services under the supervision of a pathologist (a physician holding either an MD or DO degree). They perform a variety of tasks, including gross examination of surgical pathology specimens and performance of autopsies. Pathologists’ assistant duties also include dissection and preparation of specimens, obtaining clinical histories, preparing tissues for histologic processing and administrative duties.


  • 2 semesters General Biology with labs
  • 2 semesters Anatomy & Physiology with labs
  • 1 semester Microbiology with lab
  • 2 semesters General Chemistry with labs
  • 2 semesters Organic Chemistry with labs
  • 1 semester Biochemistry
  • 1 Semester Writing
  • Other Recommended Courses: Additional Biology, English, Math, Physics, Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Histology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Statistics, Genetics, Technical Writing

Generally, a grade below a C is not acceptable for prerequisite courses

Career Guide with Pre-Pathologist Course Options at Purdue

Program Options

To attend one of the accredited pathologists’ assistant programs, students need a bachelor’s degree with any major of their choice. The program itself is typically at the master’s level and consists of a year of courses and 10 to 12 months of clinical work. Most programs take 22 to 24 months to complete.

Aptitude Test and Admission

Both the GRE and the MCAT are generally acceptable. Application is made directly to the schools which you are applying.

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