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Pre-Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic physicians are primary care providers who treat the whole person. The naturopathic scope of practice includes laboratory and clinical diagnosis, botanical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and other traditional healing methods.

Naturopathic doctors tailor their treatment to suit each patient and place a strong emphasis on preventive care and self-care. The emphasis in naturopathic medicine is on disease prevention and optimizing wellness.

There is no one particular major required for entrance into a naturopathic medicine program. Pre-naturopathic medicine is a career goal that includes a set of course requirements that prepare you to succeed as a naturopathic physician. You should choose a major you enjoy, and one in which you will excel.

A naturopathic medical education requires four years after the undergraduate degree. While naturopathic physicians can practice in all states, they are not fully licensed to perform all of their treatments in all states.


  • 2 semesters General Biology with labs
  • 2 semesters General Chemistry with labs
  • 2 semesters Organic Chemistry with labs
  • 1-2 semesters General Physics with labs
  • 2 semesters English Composition
  • 1 semester Anatomy and Physiology (recommended)
  • 1 semester Biochemistry
  • 1 semester General Psychology
  • At least 2 courses in humanities and social sciences

Generally, a grade below a C is not acceptable for prerequisite courses

Career Guide with Pre-Naturopathic Medicine Course Options at Purdue 

Program Options

Many programs offer a naturopathic doctor (ND) degree. Some programs have an equivalent degree called the doctor of naturopathic medicine, or NMD. Although named differently, they are equivalent degrees

Aptitude Test and Application

Most programs do not require an aptitude test. Application is made through a centralized service called NDCAS (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Centralized Application Service).To apply, visit the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Links and Additional Naturopathic Information