On behalf of the PMO students and staff, thank you to all who joined us for the Purduette 75th Anniversary weekend! We are proud to have welcomed over 180 Purduette alumni and over 500 guests to the Anniversary Gala to celebrate this historic occasion. We’d love to hear your feedback on the event and invite you to take a brief survey.

With your help, the Purduette 75th Anniversary Legacy Fund in honor of Jae Israel-Kellogg raised over $128,600 to provide once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities for the Purduettes. Thanks to you, we are ready to provide bigger and better opportunities to future generations of Purduettes and to carry on the legacy of the alumni who have come before us. There is still time to give. Make an impact today and give back to honor the past and forge a path for the future of the Purduettes.

The official video and photos from the performance will be uploaded to the PMO social media pages soon. Follow @PurduePMO on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates. 

Thank you, and Hail Purdue!