Purdue Musical Organizations

Purdue Day of Giving


Purdue Day of Giving was a success beyond our dreams!

In a 24-hour period, PMO supporters made gifts of over $87,000. Thanks to your participation, we received an additional $10,000 of bonus money and came in third overall for total number of gifts for all of Purdue with over 1,100 gifts.

All together, Purdue raised a total of $28.2 million  to grant opportunities for our PMO students. THANK YOU for your amazing support! We are overwhelmed with gratitude.

What is Purdue Day of Giving?

Purdue Day of Giving is an online-based fundraising event in April. For 24 hours, students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends come together to grant opportunities and transform lives. Participate in hourly online challenges that make your gift go even further and help your favorite unit claim the top spot on the donation and participation leaderboards!

How much should I give at once? Can I help with more than one challenge?

The minimum gift requirement is $10.  What can your $10 do?  Help us win bonus cash!  We ask that you participate in as many challenges as you can.  The department with the most participation, per challenge, will win!