Shortly after the founding of Purdue Musical Organizations in 1933, director Al Stewart sensed a need to involve as many students as possible. Thus, the Purdue Concert Choir was formed, a mixed-voice ensemble similar to those found at other colleges and universities. Before long, the Concert Choir had developed a following and became a featured part of special programs for university functions and alumni groups.

The Concert Choir continued to see steady growth, spawning a larger ensemble that was renamed the University Choir. It grew to more than 300 members by the early 1970s. In an effort to reduce the size, membership was limited to 66 voices through a rigorous audition process. To accommodate newly interested singers and those displaced by the University Choir audition, the Choral Club (a second all-female group) was formed.

The group disbanded for a time but was brought back in the late 2000s. Under the current direction of Jeff Vallier, University Choir features 80 enthusiastic and capable musicians performing at some of the most beautiful and resonant venues throughout Indiana and the Midwest. Group members are eligible to audition for the PMO Chamber Choir, a specialty ensemble under the direction of Jacob Stensberg.