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In response to President Daniels’ and Provost Akridge’s email sent March 10, all prospective students will need to submit video auditions for the 2020-2021 academic year. In-person auditions will not be offered prior to May 2, 2020.

Students wishing to complete an instrumental audition (handbells, drums, guitar, bass) should contact the respective ensemble directors for more information.

Video audition instructions appear at the bottom of this form.


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All Video auditions must be made available by midnight on June 1.

In order to be considered for a PMO ensemble through a video audition, please submit a video that includes the following:

1-Vocalizations: Begin in a comfortable range and then work gradually up to your extreme high range. Then, begin again in a comfortable range and work gradually down to your extreme low range. (5-4-3-2-1 on ‘ma ma ma ma ma’ for example)

2-Two songs of contrasting style and tempo: Both songs must include an accompaniment (CD or piano) with no added vocals. The entire song or the best two minutes of each song is acceptable. Be sure the balance between the accompaniment and your voice favors your voice.

You may make the video available to us through the means of your choice such as YouTube, Dropbox, flash drive, DVD, traditional mail, etc.

All Video auditions must be made available by midnight of June 1.