We’re looking forward to another incredible year and want to welcome our newest parents to our PMO family. Thank you for sharing your talented student with us!

It has never been easier to stay connected with PMO and your student. Our online calendar is updated regularly, and you can subscribe to our e-mail list and connect with us on social media.






How can I help?

This is by far the most frequently asked question we receive from parents, and the students and staff of PMO feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful parents willing to support our program! Here are three simple ways past PMO parents have supported their students, helped our program continue to grow, met new friends and had some fun along the way!

1. Come See Us!

Come to as many performances as you can. If you live far away and are only able to make it to a handful of shows, we’d be happy to let you know which ones you won’t want to miss. Give us a call!

PMO will finalize the performance schedule during the first week of the semester. Once the students receive the schedule, we’ll send an electronic copy to parents who have shared their e-mail address with us. On rare occasion, performances may be added after the schedule is finalized, and as much notice as possible will be provided to students when this occurs. Please note the student schedule will include all commitments, including closed rehearsals and private events and shows.

The schedule will indicate which events are open to the public, but when it comes to performances, the best resource for parents is our online calendar. The calendar is updated regularly, so please check back prior to performances to see if additional details have been added. Of course, you can always contact us with any questions.

2. Join PMO Club!

The university provides less than 20 percent of our operating income, and our program relies heavily on earned income through our performances and the generosity of individual and corporate donors. Your donation is tax-deductible, and annual gifts of $100 or more qualify you for membership in our PMO Club. Joining PMO Club is a great way to support the opportunities PMO offers your student, and it’s also a great way to stay in touch with us through newsletters, special PMO Club donor-only receptions, preferential seating at the Purdue Christmas Show and more.

3. Get Connected!

Throughout the year, PMO will share updates, photos and videos on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts. We’ll even give away free merchandise and tickets! You’ll also want to subscribe to receive our e-mails. It’s easy and takes only a few moments!

Does PMO offer scholarships?

Yes! Thanks to the generosity of donors, alumni and parents, PMO is able to award more than $350,000 in scholarships each year. Both need-based and merit-based scholarships are available, and we encourage all students to apply. Our PMO Scholarship application becomes available to students in late January.

Are there obligations over Thanksgiving break or winter vacation?

All PMO students participate in the annual Purdue Christmas Show. All students are expected to be on campus until rehearsal ends at 8 p.m. the Monday before Thanksgiving, and all students are expected to return to campus for rehearsal beginning at 4 p.m. the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Typically, there are no commitments for students during winter vacation.

Are there long trips to be taken that are already scheduled?

More details regarding any October break, spring break or other performance tours will be available soon. All students are expected to participate in their ensemble’s performance tours, so it’s best to hold off on making any plans that involve your student until the schedule is finalized.

Can I video or audio record performances?

Yes, as long as the recording is not for commercial profit and does not impede the performance experience for other audience members. One major exception is there is no photography or recording of any kind permitted during the Purdue Christmas Show.

Can I schedule a PMO performance in my area?

Absolutely! Many of the performances we have throughout the year are a result of hard work on behalf of a PMO parent or group of parents. It’s never too early to begin this process! Visit our Book an Ensemble webpage or contact Rachel Mirkin at (765) 494-3945 to learn more.

Will I have time to visit with my student after a show?

There are always exceptions, but generally speaking, it’s a tradition for PMO students to take several minutes after each performance to mingle with audience members, at which time you should be able to see your student. Please keep in mind that certain students will have post-show responsibilities such as tearing down our equipment, selling merchandise, picking up leftover programs, etc. so your student may not be able to visit with you for very long.

On occasion, students may prearrange with their student manager and/or ensemble director to leave a performance with their parents or other family instead of returning to campus on the bus with the rest of the group. If this is of interest, please encourage your student to connect with their student manager as early as possible so the proper arrangements can be made on our end.

What if my student has a family emergency and can’t fulfill a PMO obligation?

Students who need to miss a rehearsal or performance due to a family emergency should contact their student manager and/or ensemble director as soon as possible.

How does it work if a student needs to miss a class for a performance?

PMO provides students with Academic Conflict Forms and encourages students to complete and submit any necessary Academic Conflict Forms to their instructors as soon as the schedule is finalized. Please note each student is responsible for filling out the form, securing their ensemble director’s signature and turning it in to their instructor. PMO has been at this since 1933, and most instructors are very understanding of such conflicts and have no problem allowing them.

In the event the instructor received the student’s Academic Conflict Form in advance but still will not allow for an absence, the student may be permitted to miss a performance. Students should communicate with their student manager and/or ensemble director as far in advance as possible regarding such conflicts.

What if my student oversleeps, misses a call time and/or misses a rehearsal?

The student may face a consequence, which may be that he/she does not perform with the rest of the ensemble during an upcoming show but would still be expected to attend. Students who miss a call time must make every effort to make it to their performance via their own transportation. Students who feel they need to miss a rehearsal or performance due to illness should contact their student manager and/or ensemble director prior to their call time or rehearsal.

What if the answer to my question is not listed here?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (765) 494-3941 or (800) 893-3041.