Purdue Musical Organizations

Our Story

Purdue Musical Organizations offers opportunities for students to learn, perform and grow together while engaging audiences everywhere.

For more than 85 years, PMO has proudly served the Purdue University family as ambassadors of goodwill on campus, across the country and around the world.

Purdue’s vocal music department offers six choral ensembles and one handbell choir. Many marvel Purdue provides so much in the field of musical entertainment, as the university has no school of music.

Our students form lifelong friendships while performing more than 100 shows each year including the Purdue Christmas Show, which is presented annually to a live audience of more than 18,000 and reaches millions more through broadcasts on public television and radio networks.

Beyond the music, PMO teaches life lessons not always covered in the classroom and becomes a home away from home for the students who give so generously of their time and talents. PMO maintains high academic standards, provides students with once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities and offers more than $350,000 in scholarships each year.

At Purdue Musical Organizations, we are in full support of Purdue University’s non-discrimination policy.

At PMO, we believe:

  • that every student in our program deserves respect, understanding, and affirmation of their unique identities, backgrounds, and cultural perspectives.
  • that music is an avenue of social change and that we, as a music education organization, have a unique role to play in the advancement of social justice.
  • that silence is complicity with the status quo.

At PMO, we commit to:

  • educating our students and staff about their role in creating a more equitable and just society.
  • acknowledging that societal privilege exists in many forms while ensuring that all who enter our program are provided the tools they need to succeed regardless of their perceived privilege.
  • listening to student input about how we can continue to improve in these areas.

At PMO, you are celebrated, just as you are, and we have a place for you here.