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Wade Utility Plant

A co-generation system

The Purdue University West Lafayette campus benefits from a combined heat and power system that utilizes steam not only to provide heat to facilities but also to generate electricity and the chilled water that is used to cool facilities.

The steam and chilled water that are used to heat and cool campus facilities are generated and distributed by the Utilities department within the Physical Facilities Energy and Utilities unit. In addition to the electricity that is co-generated (in the combined heat and power system noted above), electricity is also purchased from Duke Energy. All utility operations are focused upon providing safe, reliable, cost-effective services to the campus community.

Boiler profile

Currently, there are three natural gas boilers and one coal boiler at Wade Utility Plant. The cleaner coal boiler that will be maintained in the future is one that is compatible with the use of alternative fuels, including biomass, and provides important fuel flexibility for university operations.