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Each department within Energy and Construction provides a unique service while also contributing to collaborative programs and projects.

Capital Program Management

Manages capital program projects, which are typically valued at more than $150,000. Staff in this department act as the liaisons between the client and the design and construction professionals in order to manage project scope, schedule and budget.

Construction Services

Supports capital program management during the construction and warranty service phases of capital program projects. Staff in this department act as technical and clerical resources for the client, capital program managers and design and construction professionals.

Energy Management

Manages and implements the University's Comprehensive Energy Master Plan (CEMP) and proactively manages energy in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.


Maintains engineering standards and serves as a resource for issues related to building and infrastructure systems while also supporting and assisting with departmental, project and research engineering needs.

Facilities Information Services

Organizes, maintains, preserves and provides access to information systems and resources that support the University’s facilities, lands and infrastructure.

Repair and Rehabilitation

Inspects, prioritizes and develops plans to address large-scale maintenance, infrastructure, building envelope and safety needs within existing campus buildings.


Supplies and distributes steam, chilled water and electricity to the West Lafayette campus via the Wade Utility Plant and the Northwest Chiller Plant. This department also manages and maintains the potable water system, pumping, treating and distributing water campus wide.