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physical facilities employee recognition program

Selection Process

The chair of the selection committee will convene the committee at the end of May (for the January-April timeframe), at the end of September (for the May-August timeframe) and at the end of January (for the September-December timeframe). The committee will review the nominee evaluation forms and establish a schedule of meetings for the selection process.

The committee members should be instructed on the following:

  • All discussions of the committee are confidential.
  • The committee is not to accommodate conversations from the nominators or nominees unless they are in response to specific questions from the selection committee.
  • Changes may not be made to nomination forms.
  • Selection committee members are not to be lobbyists for nominees from their particular area. The representation from different areas is intended to assure expertise for evaluating different work tasks, skills and knowledge.
  • It is not mandated that the selection committee come up with a specific number of individuals for recognition.
  • If two or more winners within a specific category are deemed to have met the requirements for recognition, multiple awards may be given.
  • No more than four awards will be given for a respective period of eligibility unless we have a tie, which would then allow for a maximum of a fifth award to be granted. However, awards may be given for the recognition of groups of five or fewer employees.
  • Employees are not eligible for recognition if they were recipients in the past year (prior rolling twelve months).

The selection committee is charged with the following duties and the chair will be responsible for working with the appropriate department and individuals to assure the following are completed:

  • Request PRF funding from the Vice President for Physical Facilities to cover the cost of the recognition awards.
  • Work with the appropriate personnel to make arrangements for the award luncheon.
  • Work with the communications department to ensure photo coverage of the luncheon and to provide information for an article.
  • Work with Printing Services to complete certificates.