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physical facilities employee recognition program

Nomination Guidelines

All Physical Facilities benefits-eligible employees in good standing are able to receive one recognition award once per year (rolling 12 months). A maximum of four individual awards may be given during a four-month timeframe, or three individual awards may be given along with one team award of up to five employees. All awards will be selected by a committee of six staff members representing all levels and functional areas within Physical Facilities.

All Physical Facilities employees (with the exception of the selection committee) are eligible to make nominations and receive awards.

Nominations may also be submitted by persons outside Physical Facilities, including Purdue faculty, staff and students.

A nomination may be made by completing a nomination form available at Physical Facilities Human Resources and then returning the form to Physical Facilities Human Resources.

The fields that are required to be completed are the name of the nominee, job title, where employed, date, category for recognition and written recommendation. The nominator can provide supporting documentation to assist in the evaluation. The nominator should also include their name to make it easier to follow up with any questions or to obtain further information. However, nominations may be anonymous.

Each nomination will be given the same consideration regardless of the number of nominators' signatures or supporting signatures.

Nominations that are not selected for recognition are not eligible for resubmission at a later date.

It is the nominator's decision to notify the nominee or not.

Nomination forms are available at Human Resources.


Nomination Process

  • Complete a nomination form by one of the following methods: 
    • Pick up a form at the Physical Facilities Human Resource (PFHR) office
    • Ask your supervisor for a form
  • Mail the completed form to PFHR

While a nominator's name is not required on the form, it is appreciated in case any follow-up questions or additional required information is needed.

Award Periods and Deadlines

  • January 1—April 30 (submit nomination form by May 15)
  • May 1—August 31 (submit nomination form by September 15)
  • September 1—December 31 (submit nomination form by January 15)