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Building Deputies

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For questions related to building deputies or to provide updated building deputy contact information, email Physical Facilities Communications

In alphabetical order by building abbrevation

Bldg. Abbrev.ZoneBuilding NameBuilding DeputyOffice TelephoneE-mail address
844S Shops 844 South River Road Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
ABE 5 Agricultural and Biological Engineering (Ag. Engineering) Scott Brand 494-1218 brand@purdue.edu
AC47 Shops Crop Protection Laboratory @ ACRE -Agronomy Center Jim Beaty 463-2632 jbeaty@purdue.edu
ADDL 5 Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Aimee Highland 494-7448 ahighlan@purdue.edu
ADM 5 Agricultural Innovation Center Scott Brand 494-1218 brand@purdue.edu
AERO 5 Aerospace science laboratory (Hangar No. 3) Joan Jackson 494-3340 jjackson@purdue.edu
AF01,AF02, AF08 Shops Animal Sciences Research & Education Center (Farm) Craig Williams 583-2400 williamsc@purdue.edu
AGAD 4 Agricultural Administration Building Tanya Dimmich 494-8392 dimmicht@purdue.edu
AHF 5 Animal Holding Facility Sylvia Schlegel 494-2120 sschlege@purdue.edu
AIDC 5 Agricultural Information Distribution Center Jeffrey Rollins 494-5962 jjrollin@purdue.edu
AQUA 7 Boilermaker Aquatic Center David Fraseur 496-1346 fraseur@purdue.edu
AR 2 Armory Tarilee Terrell 494-2099 taterrel@purdue.edu
ARMS 2 Armstrong (Neil) Hall of Engineering Phil Qualio 496-9757 pqualio@purdue.edu
ARST 8 Armory Storage Building Tarilee Terrell 494-2099 taterrel@purdue.edu
ASA Shops Administrative Services Annex Diedra Tate 494-9218 tated@purdue.edu
ASB 5 Airport Service Building Betty Stansbury 743-3442 bmstansbury@purdue.edu
ASB1 Shops Airport Storage Building No 1 Betty Stansbury 743-3442 bmstansbury@purdue.edu
ASTL 7 Animal Sciences Teaching Laboratory Candy Byers 494-8510 cbyers@purdue.edu
BALY 1 Ralph and Bettye Bailey Hall (afterhours building deputy) Bill Griffel 494-3948 wgriffel@purdue.edu
BALY 1 Ralph and Bettye Bailey Hall (primary building deputy) Marsha Stultz 494-3941 stultzm@purdue.edu
BCC 2 Black Cultural Center Renee Thomas 494-3091 rathomas@purdue.edu
BCC 2 Black Cultural Center Dr. Tony Gass 494-3094 tagass@purdue.edu
BCHM 8 Biochemistry Building Karyn Rodkey 494-1645 rodkey@purdue.edu
BECK Shops Beck Agricultural Center James Beaty 463-2632 jbeaty@purdue.edu
BELL 2 Bell Tower Richard Gallatin 496-6676 rjgallatin@purdue.edu
BIND 7 Bindley Bioscience Center Steve Rudolph 496-2549 sgrudolph@purdue.edu
BMSE Shops ByProduct Material Storage Building - East Jim Schweitzer 494-2350 jfschwei@purdue.edu
BMSN Shops ByProduct Material Storage Building - North Jim Schweitzer 494-2350 jfschwei@purdue.edu
BMSW Shops ByProduct Material Storage Building - West Jim Schweitzer 494-2350 jfschwei@purdue.edu
BOWN Shops Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen Laboratory Garrett Jeong 494-2252 gjeong@purdue.edu
BRES 3 Drew and Brittany Brees Student-Athlete Academic Center Paul Horsley 494-3240 phorsley@purdue.edu
BRK 7 Birck Nanotechnology Center Mark Voorhis 494-3036 mvoorhis@purdue.edu
BRNG 8 Beering (Steven C.) Hall of Liberal Arts and Education (formerly LAEB) Nancy McNeely 494-2639 nlmcneel@purdue.edu
BRWN 1 Brown (Herbert C.) Laboratory of Chemistry Ned Gangwer 494-5211 gangwern@purdue.edu
BSG 5 Building Services & Grounds Building *David Miskin 494-47112 miskin@purdue.edu
BTC Shops Business & Technology Center (Flex Lab II) Dennis Lord 588-3382 delord@prf.org
CL50 1 Class of 1950 Lecture Hall Jaylene Nichols 494-3901 nichols1@purdue.edu
COMP Shops Composites Laboratory Matt Johnson 494-6103 johnso59@purdue.edu
CQE Shops Cary (Franklin Levering) Quadrangle (East) Steve Jonker 494-2487 shjonker@purdue.edu
CQNE Shops Cary (Franklin Levering) Quadrangle (Northeast) Steve Jonker 494-2487 shjonker@purdue.edu
CQNW Shops Cary (Franklin Levering) Quadrangle (Northwest) Steve Jonker 494-2487 shjonker@purdue.edu
CQS Shops Cary (Franklin Levering) Quadrangle (South) Steve Jonker 494-2487 shjonker@purdue.edu
CQW Shops Cary (Franklin Levering) Quadrangle (West) Steve Jonker 494-2487 shjonker@purdue.edu
CREC 7 France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center Mitch Nettesheim 496-3612 mitchn@purdue.edu
CTEB 5 Cooling Tower Equipment Building Chris Arihood 494-6913 csarihood@purdue.edu
DANL Shops Daniel (William H.) Turfgrass Research & Diagnostic Center Glenn Hardebeck 496-6566 ghardebeck@purdue.edu
DAUC 4 Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center Michelle McBrite 496-3624 msmcbrite@purdue.edu
DLR 7 Hall for Discovery and Learning Research Eric Ridgley 496-1151 ewridgley@purdue.edu
DMNT 7 DeMent (Clayton W.) Fire Station Kevin Ply 494-6910 kmply@purdue.edu
DOYL 5 Doyle (Leo Philip) Laboratory Sylvia Schlegel 494-2120 sschlege@purdue.edu
DRUG 5 Drug Discovery Research Facility Brian Gray 494-5975 bgray@purdue.edu
DUHM Shops Duhme (Ophelia) Residence Hall (part of Windsor Residence Halls) Phillip Andrew 494-2623 prandrew@purdue.edu
DYE Shops Pete Dye Clubhouse Daniel M. Ross 496-2203 dmross@purdue.edu
EE 3 Electrical Engineering Building Cathy Erickson 496-0375 mce@purdue.edu
EEL 4 Entomology Environmental Laboratory Jamal Faghihi 494-5901 jamal@purdue.edu
EFOB Shops Environmental Field Operation Building Tammy Luck 494-8761 luck@purdue.edu
EHSA 5 Equine Health Science Annex Stephanie Griswold 494-7592 griswold@purdue.edu
EHSB 5 Equine Health Sciences Building Lee Ann Happ 496-2665 lahapp@purdue.edu
ELLT 2 Elliott (Edward C.) Hall of Music David Pike 494-3939 dwpike@purdue.edu
ERHT Shops Earhart (Amelia) Residence Hall Dave Swathwood 494-2574 daswath@purdue.edu
FOOD 7 Food Stores Building Dave Hardy 494-2017 dghardy@purdue.edu
FOPN 5 Flight Operations Building Betty Stansbury 743-3442 bmstansbury@purdue.edu
FORD Shops Fred and Mary Ford Dinning Court Steve Jonker 494-2487 shjonker@purdue.edu
FORS 4 Forestry Building Diana Evans 494-3583 evans44@purdue.edu
FPRD 8 Forest Products Building 2nd Floor Mike Humphrey 496-6477 humphrey@purdue.edu
FPRD 8 Forest Products Building Betty Barlow 494-3615 bbarlow@purdue.edu
FREH 5 Freehafer (Lytle J.) Hall of Admin Services Diedra Tate 494-9218 tated@purdue.edu
FRNY 2 Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering Jeff Valley 494-8727 valley@purdue.edu
FSTC Shops First Street Towers, Central Rita Garriott 494-7001 ragarriott@purdue.edu
FSTE Shops First Street Towers, East Rita Garriott 494-7001 ragarriott@purdue.edu
FSTW Shops First Street Towers, West Rita Garriott 494-7001 ragarriott@purdue.edu
FWLR 8 Fowler (Harriet O. & James M., Jr.) MEM House "MCDLS-Miller Child Dev Lab Schoo" Janet Covington 494-0240 covingtj@purdue.edu
FWLR 8 Fowler (Harriet O. & James M., Jr.) MEM House Sheryl Cox 494-2939 sherrycox@purdue.edu
GCMB Shops Golf Course Maintenance Barn Jim Scott 494-3136 jscott4@purdue.edu
GMF Shops Grounds Maintenance Facility Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
GMGF Shops Grounds Maintenance Greenhouse Facility Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
GMPS Shops Grounds Maintenance Pesticide Storage Facility Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
GRIS 1 Grissom Hall Leza Dellinger 494-5444 lrdellin@purdue.edu
GRS 7 Grounds Service Building R.J. Brown 494-2142 rbrown@ecn.purdue.edu
GRVL Shops Gravel Pit Equipment Storage Building Kevin Ply 494-6910 kmply@purdue.edu
GSMB Shops Golf Storage Maintenance Barn Jim Scott 494-3136 jscott4@purdue.edu
HA01-32 Shops Hilltop Apartments 1-32 Brian Siler 494-2397 besiler@purdue.edu
HAAS 2 HAAS (Felix) Hall (formerly CS Computer Science) Becca Miller (Pillion) 494-5167 rlmiche@purdue.edu
HAMP 3 Delon and Elizabeth Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering (back-up building deputy) Dave Rater 496-0379 dmrater@purdue.edu
HAMP 3 Delon and Elizabeth Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering Alan Holtman 494-0189 aeholtman@purdue.edu
HANS 5 Hansen (Arthur G.) Life Sciences Research Building Kristie Dowell 496-6548 kldowell@purdue.edu
HARR Shops Harrison (Benjamin) Residence Hall Andy Goodwin 494-2654 abgoodwi@purdue.edu
HAWK 4 Hawkins (George A.) Hall Stephen Burton 494-7187 seburton@purdue.edu
HEAV 1 Heavilon Hall
HERL 7 Herrick Laboratories R.J. Brown 494-2142 rbrown@ecn.purdue.edu
HESB Shops Heavy Equipment Storage Building Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
HGR4 Shops Hangar No. 4 Betty Stansbury 743-3442 bmstansbury@purdue.edu
HGR5, HGR6, HGR6W Shops Hangar No. 5, 6 and 6 West Michael Davis 494-8240 michaeldavis@purdue.edu
HGR7, HGR8 Shops Hangar No. 7 and 8 Betty Stansbury 743-3442 bmstansbury@purdue.edu
HGRH 5 Horticulture Greenhouses Eric Whitehead 494-1355 whitehew@purdue.edu
HIKS 4 Hicks (John W.) Undergraduate Library Bradford P. Heiss 494-6935 bheiss@purdue.edu
HILL Shops Hillenbrand Residence Hall Heidi Johnston-Murillo 494-9936 hmurillo@purdue.edu
HMMT Shops Hazardous Materials Management Trailer Brenda Snider 494-0121 bssnider@purdue.edu
HNLY 8 Hanley (Bill and Sally) Hall "Child Area" Janet Covington 494-0240 covingtj@purdue.edu
HNLY 8 Hanley (Bill and Sally) Hall Sheryl Cox 494-2939 sherrycox@purdue.edu
HOCK 7 Hockmeyer (Wayne T. and Mary T.) Hall of Structural Biology Russell Logsdon 496-3416 logsdonr@purdue.edu
HORT 5 Horticulture Building Eric Whitehead 494-1355 whitehew@purdue.edu
HOVD 2 Hovde ( Frederick L.) Hall of Adminstration Richard Gallatin 496-6676 rjgallatin@purdue.edu
HPN 1 Heating & Power Plant North Joe Arnett 494-9409 jaarnett@purdue.edu
HRTP Shops Horticulture Park Barn Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
IC Shops Innovation Center Dennis Lord 588-3382 delord@prf.org
JNSN 2 Johnson (Helen R.) Hall of Nursing Susan Kauffman 494-4042 kauffmas@purdue.edu
KCTR 4 Krannert Center for Executive Education and Research Joyce Fuller 494-4340 fullerje@purdue.edu
KNOY 1 Knoy (Maurice G.) Hall of Technology Alfred Crace 494-5592 aecrace@purdue.edu
KPTC Shops Kurz Purdue Technology Center Dennis Lord 588-3382 delord@prf.org
KRAN 4 Krannert Building Joyce Fuller 494-4340 fullerje@purdue.edu
KRCH 2 Krach Leadership Center-formerlyCSELCenter for Student Excellence and Leadership Becky Moyer 494-7431 bmoyer@purdue.edu
LAMB 3 Lambert (Ward L.) Clasrooms, Offices and Gymnasium Jon Laswell 494-3183 jonl@purdue.edu
LAMB 3 Lambert (Ward L.) Fieldhouse (Indoor Track Only) Paul Horsley 494-3240 phorsley@purdue.edu
LCC 2 Latino Cultural Center Jessica A. Maurice 494-2530 jmaurice@purdue.edu
LILY 8 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences Ed Stath 494-8079 estath@purdue.edu
LINS Shops Line Shack (at Airport) Matt Johnson 494-6103 johnso59@purdue.edu
LMSA Shops Laboratory Materials Storage Annex Jim Schweitzer 494-2350 jfschwei@purdue.edu
LMSB Shops Laboratory Materials Storage Building Brenda Snider 494-0121 bssnider@purdue.edu
LMST Shops Laboratory Materials Storage Trailer Brenda Snider 494-0121 bssnider@purdue.edu
LSA 8 Life Science Animal Building Ed Stath 494-8079 estath@purdue.edu
LSPS 8 Life Science Plant and Soils Laboratory(back-up BD is Ron Steiner) Ed Stath 494-8079 estath@purdue.edu
LSR 8 Life Science Ranges Ed Stath 494-8079 estath@purdue.edu
LWSN 2 Lawson Computer Science Building Pam Graf 494-7833 pgraf@purdue.edu
LYLE 5 Lyles-Porter Hall Scott Kepner 494-3803 skepner@purdue.edu
LYNN 5 Lynn (Charles J.) Hall of Vet Medicine (Including Animal Clinics) Lee Ann Happ 496-2665 lahapp@purdue.edu
MACK 3 Mackey (Guy J.) Arena Paul Horsley  494-3240 phorsley@purdue.edu
MANN 7 Mann Hall (Gerald D. and Edna E.) Gary Linn 496-2380 gelinn@purdue.edu
MATH 1 Mathematical Sciences Building Sarah Grady 494-1989 skgrady@purdue.edu
MCUT Shops McCutcheon (John T.) Residence Hall Fred Douglas 494-2516 douglasf@purdue.edu
ME 2 Mechanical Engineering Building Richard W. Duvall 494-5654 rwduvall@purdue.edu
MGL 1 Michael Golden Laboratories and Shops Steve Hahn 494-3187 hahnsl@purdue.edu
MJIS 7 Martin C. Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering Building Susan D Hardy 496-2476 hardy13@purdue.edu
MMDC Shops Materials Management and Distribution Center Tony Priest 496-6527 epriest@purdue.edu
MMS1 Shops Materials Management Storage Building 1 Tony Priest 496-6257 epriest@purdue.edu
MMS2 Shops Materials Management Storage Building 2 Tony Priest 496-6257 epriest@purdue.edu
MMS3 Shops Materials Management Storage Building 3 Tony Priest 496-6257 epriest@purdue.edu
MOLL 3 Mollenkopf Athletic Center Paul Horsley 494-3240 phorsley@purdue.edu
MRDH Shops Meredith (Virginia C.) Residence Hall Scott Warner 494-2541 warner58@purdue.edu
MRGN 7 Morgan (Burton D.) Center for Entrepreneurship Gary Linn 496-2380 gelinn@purdue.edu
MRRT 8 Marriott Hall Rhonda Hostetter 494-6844 rhostett@purdue.edu
MSEE 3 Materials and Electrical Engineering Cathy Erickson 496-0375 mce@purdue.edu
MTHW 8 Matthews Hall Joan Goetz 496-3322 jgoetz@purdue.edu
NISW 5 Niswonger Aviation Technology Building (Hangar #1) Matt Johnson 494-6103 johnso59@purdue.edu
NLSN 5 Nelson (Philip E.) Hall of Food Science Steve Smith 494-7706 smithrs@purdue.edu
NUCL 1 Nuclear Engineering Building Kellie Reece 494-5741 kreece@purdue.edu
NWAS Shops Varsity Baseball, Softball and Soccer Fields Al Capitos 494-5042 capitos@purdue.edu
NWCP Shops Northwest Chiller Plant Chris Arihood 494-6913 csarihood@purdue.edu
OWEN Shops Owen (Richard) Residence Hall Jason Gant 494-2303 jgant@purdue.edu
PAO 4 Pao (Yue-Kong) Hall of Visual and Performing Arts (formerly VPA) Michael Humphrey  496-6477 humphrey@purdue.edu
PFEN 8 Pfendler (David C.) Hall of Agriculture (formerly Entomology Hall) Marlene Mann 494-3590 mmann@purdue.edu
PFSB Shops Physical Facilities Service Building Brian Ullrich 494-4906 bcullrich@purdue.edu
PGG 1 Parking Garage, Grant Street Holly Alexander 494-9315 haalexander@purdue.edu
PGGH Shops Parking Garage, Graduate House Stephen Burton 494-7187 seburton@purdue.edu
PGH Harrison Street Parking Garage *not finalized
PGM 4 Parking Garage, Marsteller Street Holly Alexander 494-9315 haalexander@purdue.edu
PGMD Shops Parking Garage, McCutcheon Drive Fred Douglas 494-2516 douglasf@purdue.edu
PGNW 3 Parking Garage, Northwestern Avenue Holly Alexander 494-9315 haalexander@purdue.edu
PGU 8 Parking Garage, University Street Holly Alexander 494-9315 haalexander@purdue.edu
PGW 4 Parking Garage, Wood Street Holly Alexander 494-9315 haalexander@purdue.edu
PHYS 3 Physics Building Bruce Poer 494-5531 poer@purdue.edu
PJIS 7 Patty Jischke Early Care and Education Center Jane Hammonds 743-6503 jane.hammonds@childrenschoice.com
PMU 4 Purdue Memorial Union Terry Clayton 494-8904 tclayton@purdue.edu
PMUC 4 Purdue Memorial Union Club Hotel Terry Clayton 494-8904 tclayton@purdue.edu
POAN 7 Poultry Science Annex Candy Byers 494-8510 cbyers@purdue.edu
POTR 1 Potter (A.A.) Engineering Center Phil Qualio 494-7020 pqualio@purdue.edu
POUL 7 Poultry Science Building Candy Byers 494-8510 cbyers@purdue.edu
PRCE 2 Peirce hall Phyllis Zickmund 494-6071 pzickmun@purdue.edu
PRID 3 Purdue Pride Al Capitos 494-5042 capitos@purdue.edu
PRSV Shops Printing Services Building Tony Priest 496-6527 epriest@purdue.edu
PSYC 2 Psychological Sciences Building Phyllis Zickmund 494-6071 pzickmun@purdue.edu
PTC Shops Purdue Technology Center (Research Park) Dennis Lord 588-3382 delord@prf.org
PUSH 2 Purdue University Student Health Center Steve Geheb 494-1671 geheb@purdue.edu
PVAB Shops Purdue Village Administration Building Doug Grenard 494-2095 jdgrenar@purdue.edu
PVCC Shops Purdue Village (Apartments) Community Center Doug Grenard 494-2095 jdgrenar@purdue.edu
PVP Shops Purdue Village Preschool Kristin Stith 494-2008 kmstith@purdue.edu
RAIL 2 American Railway Building Rick Duvall 494-5654 rwduvall@purdue.edu
RALR 3 Ross-Ade Stadium Locker Room Al Capitos 494-5042 capitos@purdue.edu
RAWL 4 Rawls (Jerry S.) Hall Joyce Fuller 494-4340 fullerje@purdue.edu
REC 1 Recitation Building Lori Floyd 494-7841 laf@cerias.purdue.edu
RHPH 2 Robert (E.)  Heine Pharmacy Building Brett Nees 496-7390 neesba@purdue.edu
ROSS Shops Ross Enterprise Center Dennis Lord 588-3382 delord@prf.org
ROSS Shops ROSS Enterprise Center (Research Park) - OnePurdue Susan Kesler 494-1893 skesler@purdue.edu
SALT Shops Grounds Service Salt Storage Building Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
SC 1 Stanley Coulter Hall David Dull 496-2259 dulld@purdue.edu
SCCA 5 South Campus Court A Marci Morris 494-8714 marcimorris@purdue.edu
SCCB 5 South Campus Court B Deb Swihart 494-4540 dswihart@purdue.edu
SCCC 5 South Campus Court C Marci Morris 494-8714 marcimorris@purdue.edu
SCCD 5 South Campus Court D Unoccupied
SCCE 5 South Campus Court E Ray Cubberley 494-2075 rcubberley@purdue.edu
SCHL 2 Schleman (Helen B.) Hall of Student Services Joanna Cook 494-9449 jrcook@purdue.edu
SCHO 3 Schowe House Marti Van Court 496-6788 vancourt@purdue.edu
SCHW Shops Schwartz (Dennis J. and Mary Lou) Tennis Center Joe Braden 496-9511 jmbraden@purdue.edu
SCPA 2 Slayter Center of Performing Arts David Pike 494-3939 dwpike@purduee.du
SHLY Shops Shealy (Frances M.) Residnece Hall (part of Windsor Residence Halls) Phillip Andrew 494-2623 prandrew@purdue.edu
SHRV Shops Shreve (Eleanor B.) Residence Hall Gary Williams 494-2576 gdwilliams@purdue.edu
SIML 5 Holleman-Niswonger Simulator Center Michael Davis 494-8240 michaeldavis@purdue.edu
SMLY Shops Smalley (John C.) Center for Housing and Food Services Administration Andy Robison 494-5769 robison@purdue.edu
SMTH 8 Smith Hall Tammy Luck 494-8761 luck@purdue.edu
SOIL 7 Soil Erosion Laboratory (National) Scott McAfee 494-8696 mcafees@purdue.edu
SPUR Shops Spurgeon (Tom) Training Facility Daniel M. Ross 496-2203 dmross@purdue.edu
SSOF Shops State Street Office Facility Jane Robertson 494-8422 robertje@purdue.edu
STDM 3 Ross-Ade Stadium Al Capitos 494-5042 capitos@purdue.edu
STEW 4 Stewart Center - Purdue Extended Campus Bill Allen 494-8147 allenc@purdue.edu
STEW 4 Stewart Center-Division of Instructional Services Bill Allen 494-8147 allenc@purdue.edu
STEW 4 Stewart Center-Libraries Bradford P. Heiss 494-6935 bheiss@purdue.edu
STEW 4 Stewart Center-Fowler Hall and Loeb Playhouse Section David Pike 494-3939 dwpike@purdue.edu
STEW 4 Stewart Center - Conference Facilities Terry Clayton 494-8904 tclayton@purdue.edu
STON 4 Stone (Winthrop E.) Hall Kim Sagendorf 496-1362 ksagendorf@purdue.edu
TARK Shops Tarkington (Newton Booth) Residence Hall Steve Parks 494-2322 parkss@purdue.edu
TEL 8 Telecommunications Building Ryan Harrington 496-6901 ryanharrington@purdue.edu
TERM 5 Terminal Building (Hangar No. 2) Betty Stansbury 743-3442 bmstansbury@purdue.edu
TERY 7 Terry (Oliver Perkins) House (Police) Susan Nelson 494-9927 sjnelson@purdue.edu
TH1-7 Shops "T" Hangars 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Betty Stansbury 743-3442 bmstansbury@purdue.edu
TRAM Shops WBAA AM Transmitter Building (South 9th St.) Maurice A. Mogridge 494-3967 mamogridge@purdue.edu
TRE1 Shops Tree Nursery Service Building-1 Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
TREC 7 Turf Recreation Exercise Center Mitch Nettesheim 496-3612 mitchn@purdue.edu
TREE Shops Tree Nursery Service Building Gary Evans 494-0139 gkevans@purdue.edu
TRFM Shops WBAA FM Transmitter Building (South 231) Maurice Mogridge 494-3967 mamogridge@purdue.edu
TRNR 3 Football Practice Trainer's Building Al Capitos 494-5042 capitos@purdue.edu
TSS 2 Third Street Suites Becky Moyer 494-7431 bmoyer@purdue.edu
TURF 3 Intercollegiate Athletic Sports Turf Building Al Capitos 494-5042 capitos@purdue.edu
UNIV 4 University Hall Julie Knoeller  494-4132 Juliek@purdue.edu
UNIV 8 University Hall - back-up Building Deputy Rebecca Gwin 494-4121 rgwin@purdue.edu
UPOB 5 Utility Plant Office Building Chris Marks 496-2705 camarks2@purdue.edu
UPOF 5 Utility Plant Office Facility Denise Hale 494-2306 dlhale@purdue.edu
UPSB 5 Utility Plant Storage Building Chris Arihood 494-6913 csarihood@purdue.edu
VA1 5 Veterinary Animal Isolation Buildings I Lee Ann Happ 496-2665 lahapp@purdue.edu
VA2 5 Veterinary Animal Isolation Buildings II Sylvia Schlegel 494-2120 sschlege@purdue.edu
VAWT Shops Vawter (Everett B.) Resid Hall (part of Windsor Resid Halls) Phillip Andrew 494-2623 prandrew@purdue.edu
VCPR 5 Veterinary Center for Paralysis Research Deb Bohnert 496-7751 bohnert@purdue.edu
VIC 3 Visitor Information Center Holly Alexander 494-9315 haalexander@purdue.edu
VLAB 5 Veterinary Laboratory Animal Building Sylvia Schlegel 494-2120 sschlege@purdue.edu
VMIF 5 Veterinary Medical Isolation Facility Lee Ann Happ 496-2665 lahapp@purdue.edu
VOIN Shops Voinoff (Samuel) Golf Pavilion Daniel M. Ross 496-2203 dmross@purdue.edu
VPRB 5 Veterinary Pathobiology Research Building Julie Lewellen 494-7543 jlewellen@purdue.edu
VPTH 5 Veterinary Pathology Building Julie Lewellen 494-7543 jlewellen@purdue.edu
WADE 5 Wade (Walter W.) Utility Plant Chris Arihood 494-6913 csarihood@purdue.edu
WANG 3 Seng Liang Wang Hall 4th floor Lyn Tate 496-1900 tatel@purdue.edu
WANG 3 Seng Liang Wang Hall Denny Lord 588-3382 delord@prf.org
WARN Shops Warren (Martha E. & Eugene K.) Residence Hall (part of Windsor Res Hall) Phillip Andrew 494-2623 prandrew@purdue.edu
WDCT Shops Wiley Dining Court Fritz Ahlersmeyer 494-2271 fahlers1@purdue.edu
WEST 7 Westwood Anthony Cawdron 496-7805 apcawdron@purdue.edu
WH-1-9 Shops Well House No. 9 Jay Schwartz 494-4637 jaschwartz@purdue.edu
WILY Shops Wiley (Harvey W.) Residence Hall Fritz Ahlersmeyer 494-2271 fahlers1@purdue.edu
WOOD Shops Wood (Elizabeth G. & William R.) Res Hall (part of Windsor Residence Halls) Phillip Andrew 494-2623 prandrew@purdue.edu
WRIT 5 Wright (John S.)  Forestry Center Liz Jackson 583-3501 jackson@purdue.edu
WSLR 8 Whistler (Roy L.) Hall of Agricultural Research Anthony (Tony) Mull 494-2714 awmull@purdue.edu
WTHR 1 Wetherill (Richard Benbridge) Laboratory of Chemistry Ned Gangwer 494-5211 gangwern@purdue.edu
WWG 7 Westwood Garage Anthony Cawdron 496-7805 apcawdron@purdue.edu
YONG 4 Young (Ernest C.) Hall Daniel Pierce 496-6562 DanielPierce@purdue.edu
ZL1-6, ZS01-10 5 Zucrow (Maurice J.) Laboratories, Chaffee Hall and Storage Sheds Joan Jackson 494-3340 jjackson@purdue.edu
Shops Veterinary Gnotobiotic Unit (Poultry Center Pav.) Robert Vaughn 494-8577 rlv@purdue.edu
PRIX Shops Grand Prix Restroom Building Al Capitos 494-5042 capitos@purdue.edu
PRIX Shops Grand Prix Track (contact for grounds maintenance issues)  Steve Dunlop 494-7800 dunlops@purdue.edu
PRIX Shops Grand Prix Track (contact for grounds maintenance issues)  Brian Board 494-7842 boardbd@purdue.edu