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Our Strategic Foundations


Vision Graphicvision graphic

The Physical Facilities vision graphic is a symbol of the future of our organization. Created utilizing a collaborative process that provided all staff with the opportunity to contribute to its development, the vision graphic represents the thoughts, feelings, ideas, goals and values of Physical Facilities employees.

In a series of small group sessions facilitated by the Workplace Learning and Development Department, Physical Facilities staff were asked to consider and discuss the kind of environment in which they would like to work, serve customers and contribute to the University community. The information gathered from these sessions was shared with the members of the Printing Services Design Team who ultimately translated the themes of employee feedback into representative graphics.

This powerful image reflects our shared vision while simultaneously allowing each Physical Facilities employee to assign personal meaning to the graphic and describe it “in their own words.” The vision graphic is a point of pride for Physical Facilities and one of the key foundational themes that guides our efforts towards creating an ideal organization and work environment.


Strategic Plan

  • Stewardshiphorse

    Serve as the stewards of the university’s facilities, lands and infrastructure to enable andfacilitate discovery, learning and engagement.


  • Sustainabilityhorse

    Foster a culture of sustainability by initiating and facilitating innovative projects,educational and informational activities and university-wide collaborations.


  • Customer Servicehorse

    Lead the development of partnerships with university stakeholders to deliver consistently excellent customer service.


The Ten Expectations

  • Honesty & Integrity

    At the heart of things, this means doing what you say and telling people what you’ll do. We need to discover what’s right, and then do it.

  • Communication

    Talking with your co-workers or staff on a regular basis isn’t all that is required. That is a great start, but you also need to communicate with your superiors, customers and everyone else. It’s easy to talk about good news, but bad or challenging news needs to be discussed in a timely and transparent manner as well.

  • Think of the Entire Team

    We need to be willing to help each other when needed. We are not islands, with each person only responsible for themselves. Instead we’re a team working towards common goals.

  • Look at the Big Picture

    The Physical Facilities team makes the operation of the University possible on a daily basis. It’s important that employees balance their lives and pace themselves. We can’t sprint all the time, so we need to consider all things with respect to time, money, practicality and the manner in which our actions impact other operations and each other.

  • Treat People Fairly

    It simply cannot be done by acting out of emotion or with an ego. You need to be objective and fair to everyone, especially to people that work for you or with you.

  • Anticipate Deadlines

    The further out you are able to look, the easier it is to maneuver and adjust your course. Try to get a sense for when projects will be due so that you can plan accordingly.

  • Develop Relationships

    Take time to get to know your customers and co-workers. The more you interact with people, the more likely they are to come to you when they have a problem. This helps to ensure that problems get solved before they escalate to unnecessary levels.

  • Be a Role Model

    People are more likely to believe what they see than what they hear. Don’t just tell others what’s right or wrong; show them with your actions.

  • Accountability

    Don’t shirk your responsibilities. Ensure that you and your team follow through on your promises.

  • Follow Up

    Do what you say you’ll do and close the loop between the setting of goals and the fulfillment of goals.