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Parking Facilities

Phone: (765) 494-9494

Purdue West Shopping Plaza
1404 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2092


Phone: (765) 743-3442

Terminal Building, Room 201
1501 Aviation Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Transportation Service

Car/Van Rental: 765-494-2114
Charter Bus: 765-494-6554
Service Shop: 765-494-2121
After Hours: 800-213-3626

Materials Management Distribution Building (MMDC)
700 Ahlers Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2013


Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Crosswalks

The crosswalks have been installed using a ladder-style marking for the crosswalk zones, as
well as yield bars 20 feet before the crosswalk where drivers are to yield. Signs have been installed
to alert drivers as to where they are to stop when yielding to pedestrians and to identify the
crosswalks themselves.

State law regulates pedestrian and driver actions at such crossings. Indiana Code concerning
traffic and pedestrian controls is available online at

Pedestrian Safety Suggestions

  • Remove your iPod ear buds and maintain visual contact with vehicle traffic around you (your safety can be significantly impaired if you inhibit any one of your senses while you are walking near vehicle traffic).
  • Do not use your cell phone or text while you are walking near traffic (being inattentive can prove to be very hazardous).
  • Obey traffic signs and cross at properly marked crosswalks (that is what drivers expect you to do and that is where you may be more visible to them).
  • When waiting to cross a street, stand behind the curb, not on it.
  • Look both ways and make sure you have eye contact with drivers before you cross the street. Never assume that if you turn your back to a vehicle, the driver will see you and yield to your position in the street.
  • Be extra cautious when it is raining and when it is dark if you are wearing dark-colored clothing. Under these conditions, your visibility to the driver is diminished significantly. Avoid wearing only dark colors in such conditions.
  • When you begin to cross the street at the new crosswalks that require drivers to stop and yield to pedestrians, do not assume vehicles in the second lane are aware you are in the crosswalk. Proceed carefully and make sure all lanes of traffic are stopping as you proceed
  • Do not leave the sidewalk in favor of the street when the walkway is congested. Drivers don’t expect you to be in the street.
  • Do not engage in horseplay near any vehicle traffic.
  • Do not enter the street to stand on the center line to await the traffic to clear on the other side of the road. When you do this, drivers cannot always see you.