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Parking Facilities

Phone: (765) 494-9494

Purdue West Shopping Plaza
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Phone: (765) 743-3442

Terminal Building, Room 201
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Transportation Service

Car/Van Rental: 765-494-2114
Charter Bus: 765-494-6554
Service Shop: 765-494-2121
After Hours: 800-213-3626

Materials Management Distribution Building (MMDC)
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EAC Bus Request Form Instructions

Download the EAC Bus Request Form (.xls)

Detailed Instructions for Completion

The requested services must be thoroughly explained on the EAC Bus Request Form, or attached itinerary. Complicated and overnight trips require some special planning. Bus drivers conscientiously investigate map routes, road conditions, and travel times. A general itinerary helps the driver anticipate how the bus and driver will be used during the trip. Trip coordinators are encouraged to make lodging arrangements for the drivers at the same time they are made for the rest of the group. The availability of bus parking should be explored with the lodging establishment.

  1. Department: name of the department arranging the trip
  2. Contact Name: phone & fax numbers of the individual who will assist with travel & itinerary questions
  3. Date: Date EAC Bus Request Form is prepared
  4. Group Name: class name and class number, or visitor group name
  5. Group Coordinator's Name & Phone Number: this person may be the individual handling more specific trip details and who may be traveling with the group
  6. Estimated Number of Passengers: includes all passengers for the trip regardless of the number of buses
  7. Number of School Buses/Road Buses: Bus staff can assist you with determining the appropriate number of buses needed, if unknown
  8. Purpose of trip: University buses can only be used for official University functions or activities
  9. Accessible Equipment: allows for transporting wheelchairs, but is not available on all vehicles.
  10. Account Number - Only one account number can be used because charges cannot be split. Either the account will require a Fund - Real Cost Object - General Ledger (Statistical Internal Order is optional). OR is a Business Partner (Central Accounts Receivable System from legacy system).
  11. Will Bus Stay With the Group? Will the bus & driver be required to stay with the group the entire trip?
  12. Overnight Trip? Will the bus stay with the group?
  13. Report Day of the Week, Date & Time: is normally 15 - 30 minutes prior to actual trip departure to allow for loading of passengers and luggage
  14. Pickup Point: is the location where passengers will expect to board the bus. This may be changed to allow for the proper and safe loading of passengers, traffic, or logistical problems.
  15. Depart Time: is the expected time that bus will depart the pickup location.
  16. Finish Day of the Week, Date & Time: specific time is needed when the driver and bus will be returning to Purdue University Campus.

    *NOTE: shaded box, review before completing the remainder of the EAC Bus Request Form. It says a complete itinerary is required ONE WEEK prior to departure for all overnight trips, and all trips involving more than four destinations/stops. An itinerary must include all planned stops, specific addresses and telephone numbers, motel accommodations, and driver instructions.
  17. Destinations/Stops: final and all intermediate destinations should be listed in order following the trip itinerary, along with the dates and times for each. This information should be as specific as possible including addresses, key landmarks, or directional information. A more detailed itinerary may be attached if more space is required.
  18. Departmental Signatures & Dates: Form 1-B must be signed by the Business Office or a Dept. Head, Dean or Director. This certifies that the group is traveling on an approved university activity and a Form 17 has been completed and approved.

Send the completed EAC Bus Request Form to Transportation Service, TMB. Feel free to call to confirm arrangements, make changes, or request an estimate of charges.