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Parking Facilities

Phone: (765) 494-9494

Purdue West Shopping Plaza
1404 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2092


Phone: (765) 743-3442

Terminal Building, Room 201
1501 Aviation Drive
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Transportation Service

Car/Van Rental: 765-494-2114
Charter Bus: 765-494-6554
Service Shop: 765-494-2121
After Hours: 800-213-3626

Materials Management Distribution Building (MMDC)
700 Ahlers Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2013


Form 1 Instructions

Download the Form 1 (.xls)

The Form 1 cannot be submitted electronically because original approval signatures are required.

Printing should be in landscape mode to fit one page length. The form can then be cut or folded to the regular 8.5"x5.5" form size.

Transportation Service must receive a Form 1 with original authorization signatures and the driver must show their valid U.S. driver's license prior to departure.

Cancelations or changes must be made by phone or in person after the reservation has been made.


  1. PRIMARY DRIVER - This is the individual who will come to Transportation to pick up the vehicle.
  2. PHONE NUMBER - This is the phone number of the driver or another individual who can confirm travel arrangements.
  3. DEPARTMENT - This is the name of the driver's department or the department authorizing the trip.
  4. BUILDING - This is the building where the department listed in #3 is located.
  5. ACCOUNT NUMBER - Only one account number can be used because charges cannot be split. Either the account will require a Fund - Real Cost Object - General Ledger (Statistical Internal Order is optional). OR is a Business Partner (Central Accounts Receivable System from legacy system).
  6. DESTINATION(S) - List all applicable destinations for trip.

  7. OFFICIAL START AND RETURN - List the date and time of official business start and end when driver officially leaves and returns. These dates and time are used in conjunction with Transportation office hours to determine accurate use charges. For example, the vehicle may have to be picked up the night before for a 6:00 a.m. departure. The start date and time should reflect 6:00 a.m. departure NOT the date and time the vehicle is picked up.

  8. PURPOSE OF TRIP - Authorized trips must be for approved University business or activities. No personal use of University vehicles is allowed. (Note: while employees may be in pay status for sick leave, funeral leave, etc., University vehicles may not be used for these purposes.)

  9. MILEAGE INFORMATION - Obtain round trip map mileage from the travel web site http://www.purdue.edu/travel/Transportation/Car/milechrt.html or if destination not listed use Maps On Us or Mapquest . Remember to estimate any necessary additional mileage at destination, etc. Actual use mileage in excess of 10% over the estimated mileage may be questioned.

  10. PASSENGERS - List all passengers in vehicle or a statement such as "List of passengers on file in the ___________office." Only individuals on the current payroll may drive the vehicle unless there is an exception approved by Risk Management via form RM01. Family members may accompany Purdue employees if previously approved and listed on the Form 1. Child Safety restraints are mandatory per state law, and all drivers/passengers must wear seatbelts.

  11. TYPE OF VEHICLE - Place an "x" indicating the type of vehicle requested or whether the trip is for the One-Way Airport shuttle.

  12. DEPARTMENT SIGNATURE(S) - Obtain appropriate original signatures as required by your department and/or school. Transportation requires that either the Business Office or Department Head line be signed. Departmental signatures certify that the trip has been authorized under Presidents Form 17(Rev) or 17B and that driver is a current employee or exception has been approved by Risk Management.

  13. DRIVER SIGNATURE - When the vehicle is picked up at Transportation Service, the driver will be required to sign for the vehicle and indicate state of driver license and expiration date. This original signature also certifies that no one other than approved drivers may operate the vehicle; that the vehicle will be used only for approved university business and will be driven in accordance with state and local laws. Drivers must have a valid license issued by one of the fifty states or Canada.