App Basics

Created with Course Signals messages in mind, PassNote assists instructors in composing effective, research-driven messages to encourage learner success.

PassNote is a small external web app that can be used in conjuction with any feedback delivery tool instructors wish to use such as Course Signals, Blackboard Retention Center, email, or any of the myriad of digital tools available.

In your browser, go to

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Creating a message

Performance Levels

Begin by selecting a learner's performance level from the left column. The three performance levels are represented with red, yellow, and green.

Passnote levels image
  • Red X - Low performing, at risk learner
  • Yellow Triangle - Learner with average performance
  • Green Check - High performing learner


Select a topic from the dropdown beneath the performance levels. Once a performance level and topic are chosen, customized message snippets will appear in the left column. Additional snippets are available by selecting a different topic from the drop-down.

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Message Snippets

Message snippets are customized for each performance level and topic. Choose a snippet from the left column by clicking on it. Each chosen snippet will be copied to the main message area and become part of the overall message to be sent. Snippets from multiple performance levels and topics may be used in the same message. Once selected, the snippet will be grayed out to ensure it is not used again in the same message.

Message Snippet

Main Message Area

Each snippet is color-coded by performance level in the main message area. Message snippets may be reordered by clicking and dragging to a new position. A snippet may be deleted by using the "x" in the upper right hand corner of its bounding box.

Message Snippet in the main message area

The total word count appears above the messsage area to assist in creating a message of the appropriate length for each performance level.

Word Count image
  • Green - 40 words
  • Yellow - 52 words
  • Red - 62 words

Sending a Message

Completed messages can be copied directly to the computer's clipboard via the clipboard icon in the upper right corner of the main message area. An email may also be generated via the envelope icon.

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