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Fellow Boilermaker Parents,

Not too long ago, we were in your shoes - preparing to send our children to Purdue and experiencing mixed emotions of excitement, sadness, worry and nostalgia. Now, as members of the Purdue Parent & Family Advisory Board, we are writing to share advice we hope will help as you make final plans for your student's first weeks as a Boilermaker. 
I Need My Space! (how to deal with roommates)
Roommates need to respect each other's privacy, property, space and cultural differences.
Help your student recognize the importance of communicating issues openly and honestly with their roommate so small issues don't become big ones.
If an issue arises with your student's roommate that isn't solved through direct communication, encourage your student to involve the RA on their floor sooner versus later.
Your residence hall room does not come with a maid. Roommates might want to develop a chore list to share the duties of keeping their space clean.
They only call when they need something
Establish a communication schedule with your student that allows you to keep up with how they're doing without being intrusive.
Be creative in communication. Use phone calls, text, Skype, email, or any other method that works for your student. If you haven't found the social media platform that works for you, it may be time to ask your Boilermaker for help.
Send care packages. Whether they admit it or not, young adults like care packages from home. Click here for helpful tips on mailing packages to your on campus student.
Visits home and from parents are welcomed by students. Coordinate a schedule that allows them to become comfortable on campus, but know that they still have their place back home.
How do I support my Boiler
Encourage students to share their exam schedules and grades so that you can support them and offer advice when appropriate.
Some of your students may receive, for the first time, a grade they were not expecting on a test or project. This can be jarring to a high achieving student. Encourage your student to talk openly about this with you; be supportive but do not place too much emphasis on the first set of grades as a freshman - many students need one semester to get into the swing of time management. Reiterate with your student that one grade is not indicative of their whole college experience. Encourage them to take advantage of on campus resources, i.e. professor office hours, extra study sessions, etc.
Help your student identify resources on campus for help such as Teacher's Assistants and office hours. If you are not sure of the resource, Parent & Family Connections can help you!
Resist the urge to jump in and solve your student's issues for them. Instead, guide their problem solving with encouragement. Lend a supportive ear. They will only get better at resolving conflict and the inevitable issues that arise if they have the opportunity to do so.
Purdue has nearly 1,000 clubs and organizations
One of the advantages of a larger university is that there is a club or activity for almost every interest. Encourage your student to become knowledgeable about Purdue's offerings - whether it is the arts, sports, service projects, social, etc. - there IS a club or group that pertains to your student's interest. This is a great way for your student to expand their social circle as well.
Help your student understand the balance of academics and co-curricular activities.
There are some organizations that complement academic and professional goals and offer valuable connections.
Encourage involvement in a variety of activities - they do need some breaks from academics.
Ensure that students understand the financial and time commitments for the extracurricular activities they want to pursue.
Check out the full list of student involvement opportunities online.
You are not alone
We've all been there and there are resources to help you as well.
Staff from Parent & Family Connections are available by contacting parents@purdue.edu, 765-496-0524 or visiting www.purdue.edu/parentandfamily.
With Boilermaker Pride,

The Purdue Parent & Family Advisory Board

July 30, 2019
Discussions to have with your student How often would you (your student) like to come home? Spend some time talking about the first visit home for the student or to Purdue for the family.

If your family plans to send care packages, talk with your student about things they would like you to include.

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