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Staying healthy is at the top of the list for college success. Here are a few conversation starters to have with your student as they prepare for their first semester.
  Get some shuteye. No surprises here. Research shows when a person doesn't get enough sleep (think 7-9 hours), they can be forgetful, unfocused, grumpy, stressed and tempted to indulge in junk food. Sleep deprivation is linked to poor academic performance. 
  Have a plan. Study. Exercise. Quiet time. Fun. These are all equally important. When these activities are written down and on the calendar, it increases the chances of them happening.
  Stress less. Social supports, down time and hanging out with friends are key ingredients to overall wellbeing and good performance.
  Make smart choices. There will be temptations. Everything from Netflix and Call of Duty to alcohol and parties. The decisions students make will have a direct correlation to their success.
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Students sharpen their brain, increase their energy and build a stronger immune system by regular exercise! Our research shows that students who visited the France A.Córdova Recreational Sports Center earn higher grade point averages and more academic credit than those students who visit less often or not at all.
The Rec Center has it all. Swimming pools. Fitness classes. Gymnasiums. Running tracks. Plus the Intramural Sports Program offers more than 40 different sports - opportunities to compete, make friends and keep active. The Wellness Programs offer demonstration kitchen activities, nutrition counseling, massage therapy and many different workshops to help your student live a healthy lifestyle and manage stress.
First the good news. Your students listen to you. Studies show that students whose parents provided encouragement for them to avoid alcohol had lower alcohol use rates and consequences. When having the conversation, make sure they know that Purdue students are subject to Indiana law. This means it is illegal to drink or be in the possession of alcohol if under the age of 21. However, student safety is of paramount importance. Purdue students will not face school discipline for illegally drinking alcohol if they seek medical attention while they are drunk or someone they help is drunk.
Medical Care and Counseling
The Purdue University Student Health Service (PUSH) serves as the go-to place for health services on campus. Full-time students can see a doctor at the clinic for no charge. During the academic year, PUSH is opened Mon.-Fri. and Saturday. PUSH also has clinical laboratory, radiology and physical therapy services available. (PUSH is out-of-network for these ancillary services, unless the student has Student Resource Health Insurance which is made available by the University.) Students wishing to allow others access to their medical records must complete and return the authorization form.
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides students with an opportunity to explore concerns and problems in a confidential setting. The counseling team is here to help students develop new skills, strengthen existing practices and learn how to take good care of themselves.

Purdue University Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy located on campus in the Robert Heine Pharmacy Building (RHPH), room 118, which is adjacent to the student health center (PUSH). In addition to filling prescriptions for the campus population, the pharmacy also stocks affordable over-the-counter items and provides immunizations - including flu shots. The pharmacy is in network with most prescription drug plans. Purdue University Pharmacy offers a convenient downloadable app for easy refill requests and notifications when a prescription is ready. Please visit the Purdue University Pharmacy website for more information and to request a prescription transfer from your home pharmacy to the Purdue University Pharmacy.

While transitioning to college life, there may be times when students experience unexpected events or challenges. When a student is having difficulty navigating campus resources, the Office of the Dean of Students is prepared to help. If you have concerns regarding your student (or another student), consider completing a Student of Concern Report. Staff from the Office of the Dean of Students will provide individualized outreach to the student and help form a plan addressing the concern. 

Students who meet with staff often describe a sense of relief and appreciation when they’re able to talk with staff about their current experience. In fact, many continue to utilize the Office of the Dean of Students as their “go-to” throughout their Purdue career.

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Purdue Parent & Family Connections
July 16, 2019
Discussions to have with your student College brings a number of firsts for many students, not all of which are positive. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to begin the conversation of alcohol and drugs and most importantly, remember to keep this conversation going.

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