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Education happens on every corner at Purdue. Yes, your student will have countless learning opportunities inside the classroom. Yet, some of the most rewarding college experiences will happen outside the classroom. This issue of OnBoard shines the spotlight on the unlimited opportunities for students.
Student Employment is actually a GOOD thing!
The idea to "earn while you learn" is not a new one. Studies have shown that students who work 8-12 hours per week actually improve their academic performance by learning how to manage their time and set priorities.
Friendships. Professional relationships. Leadership opportunities and transferable skills. Students earn way more than money by working.  

Learn more about on- and off-campus jobs, Federal Work-Study and additional campus student employment opportunities.

Note: Students will need authorized I-9 documents to begin working at Purdue. For more information see www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/acceptable-documents.

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Getting Involved with Student Organizations is a Blast!
"Being a part of the Purdue Student Union Board gave me another place to call home. I found a place where I felt like I belonged. I had friends and advisors that genuinely cared about me and helped me through the challenges and struggles I faced." Kavita Grewal
The Student Activities and Organizations is here to help students connect interests with opportunities here on campus. Whether a student organization or a campus-wide event, the SAO is your student's connection to getting involved outside the classroom. They can start today by exploring all the options to help them make the most of your time at Purdue.
Fairs and Recruitment Events around Campus:
June 1—Sorority Recruitment Sign up
Is your student is interested in joining a fraternity, sorority or cooperative at Purdue? Purdue's fraternities and sororities are grouped into four councils, and the recruitment process varies by council. The cooperative houses all participate in one process together in the spring. The Panhellenic Association holds a formal recruitment process at the beginning of the fall semester for 18 sororities. Formal recruitment is a structured process where potential new members and current sorority members get to know each other throughout four rounds of recruitment events. Formal recruitment ends with Bid Day, where potential new members may receive an invitation to join one sorority (a bid). Online registration for formal recruitment is available beginning in the summer and ends early in the fall semester.
August 17—Purdue B-Involved Fair
The B-Involved Fair is an annual event for new students to visit hundreds of Club and Organizations representing colleges and majors, hobbies, athletic and recreation activities, religious, and much more.
August 18—Meet the Greeks and Cooperatives
Meet the Greeks and Cooperatives is an opportunity for student to get to know all of Purdue's fraternities, sororities and Cooperatives. This is a tabling event at the beginning of each semester where students can meet representatives from all fraternities, sororities, and cooperatives in a casual setting.
August 21, 22 & 26—PSUB Callout
The Purdue Student Union Board, PSUB, provides a variety of programs and services that enrich and entertain. Involvement with PSUB is an extension of your student's college education outside of the classroom and is a great way to get hands-on experience and develop new skills. Every day PSUB works hard to bring fun-filled excitement to the lives of the students, faculty and staff of Purdue University and citizens of the Greater Lafayette area through programming, event planning, and project presentations. These events range from monthly feature films to dinner theatre.
August 21—Boilerfest 2019 - KRCH Lawn
Boilerfest is a new student orientation festival. Students and visitors will enjoy music, food, and fun as the Black Cultural Center introduces its fall theme. New students will be introduced to the BCC, various student organizations and campus support service.
September 11—Rainbow Callout - PMU North and South Ballrooms
Rainbow Callout is the annual welcome and resource fair for the entire LGBTQA+ and ally community at Purdue University. With live performances and over 80 on- and off-campus departments and organizations present, your student will meet new friends, connect with supportive resources, and find ways to get involved in the campus community.
Connect to the Local Community through Community Service!
Civic Engagement & Leadership Development provides students with powerful and meaningful opportunities through community service initiatives. Join the homeless street outreach team, volunteer for the ACE Campus Pantry, travel in a new way through Student Service Breaks, and more! Leadership, imagination and ingenuity are ignited through experiences designed to make positive social change in local and global communities.
Study Abroad and Experience the World!
Purdue B-Involved

No matter what your student is majoring in, a Study Abroad opportunity can and should be part of their plan of study. Purdue offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable portfolios of Study Abroad programs in the country. With hundreds of options in more than 60 countries, students continue on their path towards graduation while gaining experiences unavailable in West Lafayette. Purdue’s programs are pushing students to develop the skills employers covet.

There are both short and long-term study options to suit any student's schedule. Some programs are designed for very specific fields of study, while others have vast appeal with varied course options. In an increasing global society, Study Abroad is rapidly becoming an essential part of a college education.
Boiler Up!

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June 18, 2019
Discussions to have with your student

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