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No doubt, there is a lot to know. We hope this edition of OnBoard helps explain the nitty gritty.
Purdue University complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment, is designed to protect the privacy of students' education records and personally identifiable information. This federal law spells out the rights of students and the responsibilities of educational institutions.

What does this mean for you and your incoming Boilermaker?
When a student reaches the age of 18 or begins attending a postsecondary institution at any age, FERPA rights transfer from the parent to the student.
There are multiple ways parents or guardians may be provided access to FERPA-protected student information such as class schedules, grades and GPA:
  • Proxy Access - in their online myPurdue portal, students may set up a myPurdue proxy user account for parents, guardians or whomever the student deems appropriate. Students have complete control over who has proxy access and what information they have access to. Students can add or delete proxy user accounts at any time.
  • Parents and guardians may have one-time access to non-directory information (grades, GPA, etc.) through a signed consent form from their student. A new consent form is necessary for each request. 
  • At Purdue, parents may obtain non-directory information at the discretion of the institution if the student is a dependent per federal tax law.
Financial Aid
Following are several items that will help with the financial aspects of your student's transition to Purdue.
Visit the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) website regularly for important updates.
Ensure that your student checks his or her myPurdue account for important messages and updates and reads all email from DFA and the Bursar's Office.
Attend a DFA/Bursar Paying for Purdue session during Purdue's Summer Transition, Advising and Registration (STAR) program.
Your student must report any private scholarship awards. More information and reporting instructions are available online.
If educational loans are needed, you and your student should choose and accept the loans to have them credit your student's invoice. Loan information is available online.
In mid-July, your student will receive an email notice regarding his or her online invoice for tuition, fees and campus housing (with credits for any financial aid). By the first day of classes, students or families should pay any balance due or sign up for the installment plan.
DFA is required by federal regulation to determine whether a student is enrolled in a degree-seeking program and is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements. Students should become familiar with the SAP policy, which is available online.
Office of Admissions

Students who self-reported their standardized test scores will need to provide official scores from the testing agency for all scores listed on the application - test scores need to be received by June 1.

By August 1, students must provide the Office of Admissions an official copy of their final high school transcript. This is a requirement for enrollment at Purdue and for receipt of financial aid.

Admissions will send schools a list of their students who have accepted their Purdue offer of admission, and in most cases, high schools will automatically send final transcripts for their students. However, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that Admissions receives the transcripts. Before the school year ends, students should check in with the counseling office at their school to confirm they will send your student's final transcript to Purdue.

The Bursar's office at Purdue has many responsibilities including tuition and fee assessment, invoicing and payment processing, processing remissions, fellowships, outside awards and posting financial aid and excess funds. To make things less confusing, they have a page on their website with the top FAQ's. In addition, the Bursar has tutorials to help with things like how to set up an authorized user, set up an e-refund account, view a billing invoice, make a payment, and view and print the 1098T Tax Credit form.

Students may set up an account within their payment portal (authorized user account) for parents or guardians. This is independent of the access mentioned in the FERPA section above.

In Spring of 2019 Purdue partnered with GradGuard™ to offer the Tuition Protection Plan from Allianz Global Assistance. Coverage must be purchased by the first day of classes and coverage extends through the end of the semester Tuition Insurance is purchased. Tuition insurance is completely optional, learn more at www.GradGuard.com/tuition/purdue.
Purdue ID Card Office
Time is running short. Don't forget to have your Boilermaker submit their photo online for their new Purdue ID Card. Choose your best Boilermaker photo.

The Purdue ID Card is more than just an ID Card. It’s their key to campus.
  • Recreation Sports
  • Transportation
  • Building Access
  • Libraries
  • Meals
  • Residence Hall Laundry
Ensure that your student submits their special photo before the start of STAR session, checks their myPurdue account for important messages, and your student will be able to pick up their official Purdue ID Card at the information fair at STAR.
Visitors Parking
University Guest Parking
Parking is available at various campus locations, but the primary area for visitor parking is the Grant Street Parking Garage, adjacent to the Purdue Memorial Union, 101 North Grant St. The garage has an hourly rate with a credit pay station available in the main lobby of the Grant Street Garage or pay-in-lane option with Master Card, Visa, or Discover.

University Residences Guest Parking
If parking for a short time, guests are encouraged to utilize one of the metered spots. Metered spots can be paid for using an app on your smart phone called PassportParking Mobile Pay – no need to have a pocket full of change!

Visitors needing special consideration for disability parking should contact the Parking Facilities Office at (765) 494-9497 or visit our location at the Materials Management Distribution Center at 700 Ahlers Drive. The Parking Facilities Office is open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Student Parking
On-Campus Students
First-year students living in University Residences are not eligible to purchase a regular parking permit. However, restricted parking permits are available to first-year students on a limited basis with documented needs such as off-campus employment. Additional information can be found on the Student Parking Page.

Off-Campus Students
Any registered student whose local residence is at least 1.5 miles from campus may purchase a "C" permit. Additional information, including C-permit parking details, can be found on the parking page.

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Purdue Parent & Family Connections
May 28, 2019
Discussions to have with your student Talk with your student to determine if they should set you up as an authorized user so you can view invoices.

Unlike in high school, college grades are not automatically shared with parents. Discuss your expectations for communication about academic progress with your student.  

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